Fire Alarm System in Pakistan 2022

Fire Alarm System in Pakistan 2022

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A Fire Alarm system is a device that aids in timely detecting and informing individuals of a fire near them by sounding off sirens and flashing lights as well.

These systems may also contain a remote signal system that can in turn alert the fire department saving time, money, and lives. These systems are found in public/private buildings, educational/health organizations, corporate/government facilities, and many more.

In this article, we will explain Fire Alarm Systems more accurately along with listing the fire alarm systems found in Pakistan.

Types of Fire Alarms:

Fire Alarms contain detection devices at their core. These detection devices are manually operated (break glass units) normally but over the years they have become more sophisticated and advanced. Listed below are the three main types of Fire Alarm Systems in Lahore:

  1. Automatic Fire Alarms.
  2. Conventional Fire Alarms.
  3. One Stage Fire Alarms.

Automatic Fire Alarms:

These are the fire detectors that work through heat sensors (which can work when a predetermined temperature is met or exceeded) or smoke sensors (when smoke reaches the alarm system).

Conventional Fire Alarms:

These work in one unit but have to be inspected to observe the area of observation.

One-Stage/Two-Stage Fire Alarms:

One-stage alarms alert every person in the building of fire whereas two-stage alarms only alert specific people of a fire so that a problem may be dealt with without causing panic.



Working of Fire Alarm Systems:

The only requirement of a Fire Alarm is to detect and alert the people of a fire in their vicinity while simultaneously alerting a fire department as well. These systems are self-sufficient and so they detect and identify a problem. They have 3 main parts:

  • Monitoring.
  • Detecting.
  • Informing.

Several wires, panels, and circuits are used to perform these functions.

Fire Alarm System Price in Pakistan:

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