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Fire fighting pumps:

A fire fighting pump is a pump, used to build pressure of water coming from water supply source. The water pressurized by fighting pump is able to extinguish intensive fires. Fighting pumps play very important role in fire fighting because they provide water immediately for extinguishing the fire.

Fire can destroy a large number of property and lives which can be saved by using fire fighting pump. Water is supplied at extreme pressures with the help of pump, then this high pressurized water can extinguish the massive fires. Fire fighting tank can be the part of many things like the water supply of fire protection system, fire fighting vehicle, and some fire fighting devices like fire sprinkler systems and fire hydrant systems.

The fire fighting pumps supply water to the fire fighting devices like fire sprinklers. The  fighting pumps use power for their working and that power is supplied either by electronic motors or diesel engine. The fire fighting pumps are connected with different sources, for supplying water to the fire fighting devices. Those sources may be the huge tanks, ponds or underground water storage system. Fire fighting tank has to extinguish the fire within large areas, therefore, it is make movable so that it can be carried from one place to another for supplying water to extinguish the fire.

We can install the fire fighting pumps at different places for extinguishing the fire, for example,

1- It can be used on domestic level because it can easily fulfill the needs of fire fighting at domestic level.

2- It can also be used in industries.

3- Fire fighting pumps can supply water at commercial level.

4- It is really efficient to control a rural fire because there the fire brigade facility takes time to reach.

Components of fire fighting pumps:

1- Source of water:

The source of water is important from which the fire fighting pumps carry water to the fire incident. These source of water can be huge water tanks, underground water supply, or ponds etc.

2- Specialized pumping system:

The pumping system carries water from the water source and build pressure in it. This pressurized water then to the pipes.

3- The pipe network:

It includes a large number of pipes which are used to throw water on the fire for extinguishing it. Fire Fighting Equipment for Home in Pakistan


How does fire fighting pumps work:


Fire fighting pumps are installed near the source of water. While installing the fire fighting pumps, it should be kept mind to install them slightly lower than the water source. In this way, the fire fighting pumps will be able to use all the water, to build pressure in it.

As we know that fire fighting pumps can be operated with electronic motors or diesel engines, there must be a backup pump for emergency use in case of cut down of power supply. Diesel engines are best for using as backup fire fighting pumps.

The fire fighting pumps are a part of fire sprinkler systems or any other fire fighting device, so when the fire fighting devices senses the fire, the fire fighting pumps carry the water from water source and make pressure in it through pumping system and transfer it to the pipes for throwing the water on fire to extinguish it.

Types of fire fighting pumps:


There are different types of fire fighting pumps depending upon the designs and usage:

  1. jockey pump
  2. diesel fire pump
  3. emergency fire pump
  4. fire water pump
  5. electric fire pump
  6. portable fire pump

See also: First aid fire fighting equipment

1- Horizontal split case:


Horizontal split case fire fighting pump is most commonly used because of it’s numerous benefits. It requires no maintenance. It can be easily moved from one place to another, therefore, it can be linked with different fire fighting devices. The sizes of horizontal split case fire fighting pumps vary. They can efficiently supply huge quantity of waters. Firefighters rely on them because of their durability.

2- Vertical split case pump:


All other features and qualities of vertical split case pump are similar to horizontal split case fire fighting pumps but they are held in vertical position. Due to this reason, they are ideal for installing in the buildings with less space. They are reliable and durable and requires an external source for water supply.

3- Vertical in-line pumps:


Vertical In-line pumps closely packed and ,therefore, it is smaller in size. These are also installed in vertical position. It is also perfect option for the buildings with small spaces. They need a maintenance after a regular interval of time. Whole vertical in-line pumps are to be removed for their maintenance. They help to flow the water smoothly.

4- Vertical turbine pump:


The vertical turbine pump and draw water from wells or lakes etc. It can lift water from the lower heights. There is a lot of variety among vertical turbine pumps which have different capacities and can make different pressures in the water. They can be driven with both electrically and with diesel.

5- End Suction pump:


End suction pump has a capacity of approximately 1500 gpm. They occupy very less space for installation hence they are best for the places with less space.

6- Excel series pump:


Excel series pump includes a vast variety of fire  pumps. There are different sizes of these fire fighting pumps starting from 50 gpm to 1500 gmp. They van build the pressure of water from 6 hours to 12 bars. Variety available in these pumps they are suitable for installing in different places like markets, industries, stores, buildings and residential areas.

Fire fighting pumps advantages:


The fire fighting pumps are extremely important for installing at different places so that in case of a fire incident, highly pressurized water can be thrown on the fire to extinguish it. They boost up the efficiency of other fir efighting equipment as well.

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