Fire Fighting Equipment For Home in Pakistan

Fire Fighting Equipment For Home in Pakistan

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Our homes are the places that provide us shelter and protect us from the intense weather and a lot of external factors of the environment. In return, we also have to keep the safety of our homes.

We have to protect our homes from several things like we apply paints on the walls and doors to keep them safe from corrosion, and we do so many other things for the sake of protection. Similarly, there is another factor “fire”, and our homes need protection from fire as well.

If unfortunately, a fire outbreak in a home, will not only burn the home but may cause some loss of life. First of all, our homes must be stocked with the best firefighting equipment for home. The best firefighting equipment for a home will prove the first line of defense.

The fire at homes can emerge from electric circuits and stoves in the kitchen. Initially, the fire will be at a small scale, which can be easily taken over with firefighting equipment including smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire hoses, fire sprinklers, fire doors, and fire blankets.         

Smoke detectors:

Smoke is an outcome of the fire. You should install smoke detectors in different areas of your home. Smoke detectors are the primary firefighting equipment for the home, which informs about a fire incident. When the smoke arises from the fire, the smoke detectors sense it and make an alarm, the process is extremely useful for staying safe from hazards.

Keep the maintenance of your smoke detectors, change their batteries as soon they need to be changed. Keep checking them regularly. The smoke detectors should be installed in the kitchen, bedrooms, dining room, and near the main power supply board (MDP).

Fire extinguishers:

Fire extinguishers are another best firefighting equipment for home. It is easy-to-use firefighting equipment for small fires. The small fires are always controllable with fire extinguishers. The DCP fire extinguisher is the most suitable fire extinguisher for keeping at home as the best firefighting equipment for home.

DCP fire extinguisher, extinguishes Class A, B, C, and E fire. It shows that how this single DCP fire extinguisher is effective, if paper, wood, oils, or electric equipment catches fire. Upkeep the maintenance of fire extinguishers by refilling them regularly. Read more about Fire Extinguishers Click here

Fire hydrants:

The fire hydrant is the best firefighting equipment for home. There is a whole system through which fire hydrants work. Fire hydrants are connected to the main water supply via pipes and nozzles. The firefighter can urgently use a fire hydrant for extinguishing the fire. the water flows with an adequate quantity and pressure by fire hydrants and cuts out the fire.

Fire hydrants are installed in homes, commercial buildings, large warehouses, chemical industry, textile and garment industry, petrochemicals and refineries, ceramics and stone processing, metal processing, and manufacturing units. A fire hydrant can throw 950 liters per minute of water. Must keep the water source of fire hydrant filled with water otherwise, you will not be able to cope with emergency situations.

Fire hose:

Fire hose contains water or any other fire retardant (foam etc). Fire hose can carry water at a high pressure which is sufficient to extinguish a fire outbreak. Fire hose is either attached to a fire engine or fire hydrant outdoors and indoors it is attached permanently to the building’s standpipe or plumbing system. Fire hose works at a pressure between 8-20 bar i.e 800 and 2.000 KPa; 116 and 290 psi.

There are two types of fire hoses: suction hose and delivery hose.

Fire sprinklers:

Fire sprinklers are very efficient and the best firefighting equipment for homes. About 99% of fire can be controlled with fire sprinklers. Fire sprinkler pours water to extinguish the fire. fire sprinklers may not be suitable for electric fires because they are water-based.

Fire doors:

The fire door is also the best firefighting equipment for homes. They are also known as closure. The fire doors help to resist the spread of fire and smoke. Fire doors can be installed between the compartments of buildings. In case of a fire outbreak, the fire doors can be shut to prevent a disaster. Fire doors should be installed properly.

Fire blanket:

A fire blanket is a blanket-like object. it is the best firefighting equipment for homes. When we lay a fire blanket on fire, it cuts off the supply of oxygen from the atmosphere and extinguishes the fire. keep a fire blanket at home as a safety precaution.

Remember, once you use a fire blanket it cannot be reused so buy another fire blanket after using it. These were some best firefighting equipment for homes. You must install them at home for safety purposes.

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