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3M safety products:

3M safety products meet the need of the workers, working at different sites. 3M has all the PPE(Personal protection equipment) from basic products to the most advanced and pro products. Additionally, they are also 3M health safety products. These products are matchless in their durability and strength.

3M safety products
3M safety products

3M has completed its 50 years as US government-approved safety product company.

3M was determined to prove the 3M safety products regarding health during the covid pandemic.

3M possesses everything that is compulsory for different hazards like fire or other rescue activities. These products are world famous because of their expertise in their manufacturing.

3M also provides online and physical training about dealing with hazardous situations and operating the PPE.

3M cut resistant gloves:

3M cut resistant gloves are particularly designed for the safety of hands because every task involves the use of hands. The gloves keep the hand safe from cuts and wounds.more


1- Perfect for dealing with sharp objects with hands.

2- 3M cut resistant gloves are also perfect for sharp and edgy objects. These are useful while molding the materials on machines.

4- Also perfect for dealing with cable making and pulling the wires and cables.

5- They are available in two levels of protection:

ANSI Cut Level 3, EN388 4544, and ANSI Cut Level 2, EN388 4343.

5- They have excellent durability and they can be used for a long period of time after washing again and again.


3MP is the most famous personal protection equipment. We are concerned with the precious lives of the people, so we aim to provide the 3M PPE. Our PPE has:




Eye protection.

Ear protection.

Head protection.

Fall protection.

Protective communications.

Respiratory protection.

Welding protection.

There are a lot of things that come under the subcategories of these 3M PPE.

3M safety helmet:

3M safety helmet is perfect for the safety of the worker’s head. As there are different fields of life where safety helmets are required to wear, therefore 3M safety helmets available in many designs. Some of them are:

3M™ WCP96 Polycarbonate Clear Face Shield.

3M™ Hard Hat H-705R, Red 4-Point Ratchet Suspension, 20/Case.

3M™ High Heat Hard Hat, Ratchet, Non vented, Dielectric 1000V, Leather Sweatband, White, G3501M-VI, 20 ea/Case.

3M™ Faceshield, Short peak, Polycarbonate, Clear, Large, V4KK, 10 ea/Case.

3M™ Hard Hat, H-703R, four-point ratchet suspension, blue, 20/Case.

and many more.

3M safety goggles:

3M safety goggles are available in different designs, some may adjust automatically according to your face and others may be fully sealed.

Furthermore, 3M safety goggles are available in different lenses which can only detect specific colors or reduce brightness and contains many other features.

3M welding helmet:

3M welding helmet is used for the tough process of welding. As there are lots of flames that may harm the eyes, ears, or other parts of the face. 3M welding helmet covers the whole head and face and provides protection.

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