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  • Weight : 1.3 KG
  • Shape :Sphere
  • Weight of the Agent :4.0g
  • Extinguishing agent :Dry Chemical Powder
  • Life span :5 years
  • Activation Time :3.5 seconds
  • Frequencey of alarm sound :120 dB
  • Coverage Area :8-10 m2


The firefighting agent in the aqua fire ball is dry chemical powder. Its coverage area is 8-10 meters square. Its weight is 1.3 kgs. It gets activated in 3-5 seconds. It can produce an alarm of 120dB frequency. It is effective to extinguish the fire classes of A, B, C and E. its round in shape and its diameter is 147 mm. its lifespan is for five years and it needs no maintenance.

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