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Gent S4-34740 Beam Sensor Pair (Transmitter and Receiver) Excluding Bracket and Base

Gent S4-34740 S-Quad Addressable Loop Powered Beam Sensor Pair provides an enhanced solution for linear beam detection for applications where Gent S4 Vigilon point detection is either not practical or economic.

Powered and controlled via the loop, the beam is a market leading device with features such as one man alignment and commissioning which is achieved using the auto gain setting, this ensure the optimum alignment is reached.

Maintenance of the beam is enhanced with a key operated test feature which simulates the obscuration of the beam in a fire.

The Gent loop powered beam is certified to EN54 parts 12 and 17. Compatible with the full range of Vigilon and Nano control panels the S-Quad beam uses the panel software to ensure a fast response to fire while offering software filters to reduce the number of unwanted alarms.

Key Features

  • S-Quad Beam pairs are loop powered supporting 16 pairs per loop
  • Each beam can be set to one of 6 sensitivity states to provide a best fit for individual applications
  • The beam provides increased resilience to interference from the sun and other light sources
  • Remote key switch provides test facility at ground level without the need to gain access to beams mounted in high areas
  • The beam incorporates an LED array to indicate signal strength allowing accurate alignment during one person commissioning
  • Optimum sensitivity is maintained by automatic gain setting triggered at the beam during alignment
  • The optical lens design is intended to minimise build-up of dust to reduce the maintenance and cleaning required
  • The S-Quad beam is compatible with early versions of the Vigilon Beam using the S-Quad programming base avoiding the need to upgrade to latest control software

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