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  • Extinguishing Agent : CO2
  • Operating Temperature : -20 to +60 ยฐC
  • Pressure : 174 bar
  • Test Pressure : 250 bar
  • Height of cylinder : 415ยฑ1,5 mm
  • Cylinder Material : 34CrMo4
  • Dimensions : 600 x 170 mm
  • Range of Discharge : 4-5m
  • Duration of Discharge : 13Sec

What is CO2 fire extinguisher

The CO2 Fire extinguisher is used to extinguish the class B and C fires, the fuel of such fires is inflammable liquids and electrical equipment. A CO2 fire extinguisher disconnect the supply of oxygen to the fire. In this way, the fire triangle is broken. Furthermore, CO2 produces a cooling effect so that the fire cannot reignite.

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CO2 fire extinguisher type:

CO2 fire extinguisher has black label on them for their identity. They are specifically designed to knock out the fire caught by inflammable liquid and electrical equipment, therefore, they are perfect for class B and C Fire. CO2 gas is a nonconductor, and also, it disappears in the air after extinguishing the fire.

Sizes of CO2 Fire Extinguisher


Fire Safety Trading CO Pvt provides a wide range of Co2 Fire extinguishers. The co2 fire extinguishers come in different size or capacities. The list of Co2 extinguishers is given below according to sizes/capacity.

  • 1 Kg Fire Extinguisher.
  • 2 Kg Fire Extinguisher.
  • 3 Kg Fire Extinguisher.
  • 5 Kg Fire Extinguisher.
  • 7 Kg Fire Extinguisher.
  • 9 Kg Fire Extinguisher.
  • 12 Kg Fire Extinguisher.
  • 25 Kg Trolley Fire Extinguisher.
  • 50 Kg Trolley Fire Extinguisher.
CO2 fire extinguisher
CO2 fire extinguisher

CO2 fire extinguisher use:

CO2ย  extinguisher put out the fire by taking away the oxygen. The purpose of removing oxygen is to break fire triangle. Additionally, a cooling effect is produced to cool the fuel. These two mechanism are perfect to completely put out the fire.

CO2ย  extinguisher details:

The cylinder of CO2 extinguisher is filled with highly pressurized carbon dioxide gas. There is a strong horn on the cylinder. Due to extremely high pressure, the carbon dioxide gas may turn in tiny pieces of dry ice.

CO2ย  extinguisher pressure:

CO2ย  extinguisher contains carbon dioxide at a high pressure of 55 bars or 825 psi. At such high pressure the gas turns into liquid. When the CO2 extinguisher is operated, the horn reduces the pressure and it discharges in the gaseous form, thus extinguishing the fire.

CO2ย  extinguisher temperature:

The temperature of carbon dioxide is -60ยฐC which is cold enough to cool down the fuel and take away the heat from fire.

CO2 extinguisher color:

The cylinder of CO2ย  extinguisher has a red color on which there is a black label. They are perfect to put out Class B and C fires.

co2 fire extinguisher price

CO2 fire extinguisher prices are not defined and fixed.The priceย of theย CO2 Fire extinguisher depends on the sizes 1kg 2kg 3kg 5kg 9kg 25kg and the brands naffco uae ,ย Bavaria Germany ,China of the fire extinguisher. more price


The CO2 fire extinguisher is capable to put out class B and C Fire classes. Since it can be used on electrical equipment, so it can be installed in many places like computer laboratories, server rooms, telecommunication centers.

You can also Install them in petrol pumps and oil industries. They have black label on their cylinder for their identity. Their prices vary because, they are available in different sizes and from different brands. Fire Safety Trading Pvt ltd supplies high quality imported fire extinguishers.

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