CO2 Fire Extinguishers (China)


  • Extinguishing Agent : CO2
  • Operating Temperature : -20 to +60 °C
  • Pressure : 174 bar
  • Test Pressure : 250 bar
  • Height of cylinder : 415±1,5 mm
  • Cylinder Material : 34CrMo4
  • Dimensions : 600 x 170 mm
  • Range of Discharge : 4-5m
  • Duration of Discharge : 13Sec


CO2 Fire Extinguisher is one of the widely used fire extinguishers. The CO2 fire extinguishers can effectively tackle electrical and B class fires. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) fire extinguishers contain non-flammable and pure carbon dioxide gas that works as a fire extinguishing agent. It is the most effective extinguisher media on live electrical equipment. The gas inside the cylinder is filled at very high pressure. As per the view of the chemistry of fire, few gases are very effective in extinguishing the fire. Carbon dioxide is one of them. CO2 is very economical and is not harmful to human health. Carbon dioxide gas does not leave any residue behind and does not require cleaning services after the extinguishing process. CO2 gas extinguishes the fire by cutting off the supply of oxygen to the burning substance.

Carbon dioxide extinguishers are used for electrical fire risks and are usually the main fire extinguisher type provided in computer server rooms. They are used to extinguish Class B fire. CO2 extinguishers create a barrier to fire fires by displacing the oxygen the fire needs to burn. We can recognize the CO2 fire extinguisher by its black band around the cylinder.


Sizes of CO2 Fire Extinguisher


Fire Safety Trading CO Pvt provides a wide range of Co2 Fire extinguishers. The co2 fire extinguishers come in different size or capacities. The list of Co2 fire extinguishers is given below according to sizes/capacity.

  • 1 Kg Fire Extinguisher.
  • 2 Kg Fire Extinguisher.
  • 3 Kg Fire Extinguisher.
  • 5 Kg Fire Extinguisher.
  • 7 Kg Fire Extinguisher.
  • 9 Kg Fire Extinguisher.
  • 12 Kg Fire Extinguisher.
  • 25 Kg Trolley Fire Extinguisher.
  • 50 Kg Trolley Fire Extinguisher.

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