Image module


  • FP Sensor Platen Area 16.4 X 19.4 mm
  • Resolution 500 dpi
  • Dimension (W) X (H) X (D) mm 80 x 195.6 x 23.5 (Upper) / 54.67(Lower)
  • FRR /FAR 0.1% / 0.0001%
  • Operating Temperature -20 ~ 60โ„ƒ


VIRDI | UBio-X terminals and readers are high-class equipment for companies and institutions who appreciate the safety, comfort, and functionality that comes with fingerprint solutions. Access control and Work Time tracking systems based on VIRDI | UBio-X terminals are implemented in various manufacturing companies, corporate offices, health care institutions, public administration offices, legal and educational institutions, or at airports.The optical fingerprint recognition sensor consists of a light source, a prism, a lens, and an image acquisition device (CCD). The input light from the light source creates the image of the fingerprint on the prism and delivers it to the CCD.

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