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SAFE is a fully engineered solution for your building to allow you to bridge the gap between BS5839 Part 1 and BS5839 Part 6 without the risk of generating multiple false evacuations.

Using our industry leading S-Quads and through the power of voice, it enables clear alert and evacuation guidance to any building occupant.

EN54 Part 2 Type B Dependency Approved.

The SAFE buttons allows the occupants to control their local alarms in their alarm areas.

The SAFE buttons allows the occupant to silence and test their local alarms. A confirmation LED is included to visually inform occupants that action has taken place.

The button delays are fully configurable within the Vigilon Panel to cater for many applications where events can be managed by the user.

In the landlords areas, this will be designed to BS5839 Part 1 standards and in the residential areas to BS5839 Part 6 allowing you to manage your buildings installation to the appropriate standard.

The SAFE 1 position switch kit contains:

  • SAFE Switch
  • 4 Channel Interface
  • Wiring loom (does not include interface enclosure)

Key Features

  • Colour: White
  • EN54 Part 2 Type B Dependency Approved

โ€œProtect your space with our fire fighting services โ€“ relaible and certified.โ€

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