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COFEM Spain:

COFEM Spain, was established in 1973. The ultimate goal of the company was to develop, manufacture, and commercialize fire extinguishing equipment.

Paving its path to success, in 1982, the company become able to produce its own detectors and control panels. The production and equipment were exactly according to the market needs. A separate and complete division of electronic detection was established to develop and manufacture the fire detection and alarm systems.

Cofem is a deep-rooted company in the fire protection sector. Its commitment to the fire protection sector can be realized by the following factors:

1: Techni Fuego is a Spanish association, which serves the role of bringing together different manufacturers of fire protection products. Cofem Spain, is part of this association by having a membership in this huge union, where all the famous and well-reputed fire protection producers are associated.

2- AENOR: Cofem Spain also took part in CTN23 (Commit Técnico Normalized), which monitors and develops fire protection standards at the national level. It is another benchmark in the fame of Cofem.

3: Cofem also represented AENOR (Association Española de Normalization), in CEN/TC72, which is a European agency that develops the compulsory standards and CE mark under the regulation (UE) No. 305/2011. This regulation identifies the rules for the marketing of constructing fire protection products.

Applying all this collected experience and knowledge to the systems, COFEM S.A. offers competitive technology products. These products are manufactured according to each and every set standard and regulation at the national level and European level. This is the reason that COFEM’s products are genuine, and worthy to export these products to over 50 countries around the globe.

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As we already know that the company is producing its own fire protection equipment. It is in both the Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm systems, and Conventional Fire Detection and Alarm systems. Let us have a detailed look at both these categories:


1- Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm system:


The Addressable fire alarm system is named so because each and every device in it works by addressing. Certain locations of a building can be controlled by giving a specific address on the addressable fire alarm system. Let’s say there is a fire in the basement, then only that part of the addressable fire alarm will be activated which is controlling the basement.

The system will also indicate whether there is a fire in that particular area or there is some other issue.

There are many devices that are connected together to form it receivable fire detection and alarm system. Those devices include:

i- Fire Alarm Panel.

ii- Smoke detectors.

iii- Heat detectors.

iv- Multi sensors.

v- Manual call point.

vi- Hooters.

vii- Control Module.

viii – Monitor Module.

ix- Isolators.

Types of addressable fire alarm systems:


There are different devices like detectors, call points, and sounders in the addressable fire alarm system. There is a unique address assigned to every device. The addresses can be assigned by the following two different methods:


1- Hard addressing:


A numerical binary code, tag, or switch is given to each device.

2- Soft addressing:


All the devices in the addressable fire alarm system are wired to the control panel. In soft addressing, the software that controls the whole system assigns a number to every device according to its wiring.

All the devices are connected to the control panel through single or multiple wire loops.


How do addressable systems work?


When the sensors sense danger like fire, or any other harmful gas, they give a signal and the sounders produce sound, to make the people alert. On the display, the exact number of the device that made a sound, and the exact location from where the signal has been received, is displayed. In this way, people can quickly and easily access the area, for checking and eliminating danger.


Who requires an addressable fire alarm system?


There are certain premises where the addressable fire alarm systems are worth installing. These are ideal for installing at:


i- Commercial areas.

ii- Hotels.

iii- Warehouses.

iv- Office buildings.

v- Hospitals.

and many other businesses that are working in large buildings.


The Advantages/Benefits of addressable fire systems:


There are a lot of advantages of addressable fire alarm systems, such as:

1- All the devices are connected to the main panel through loops; hence the wiring and installation costs are low.

2- If the loop of a certain device damages or stops working, then only that device will not work, resting assure the perfect functioning of the other devices.

3- The display will tell the exact location from where the signal of fire or smoke has been received, as a result that time will be saved. And you will be able to take the safety measures instantly.

4- There is a low chance of a false alarm.

5- The large premises and buildings can be easily supervised.


Can we rely on addressable systems?


The addressable systems are highly reliable as they serve in an accurate manner. The way of their operation increases their worth. They ensure high security against fire hazards.


Installation, wiring, and cost for the Addressable Fire Alarm System:


The wiring costs less because the devices in an addressable system are connected via loops and less wiring is required. Consequently, the installation rate is also low. But these fire systems are but expensive and hence suitable only for the larger premises.


2- Conventional Fire Alarm systems:


The other type of fire alarm system is known as the Conventional Fire Alarm system.

In conventional fire alarm systems, there are one or more circuits that are connected to the sensors and wired in parallel. All the individual devices are connected to the control panel with the help of their own separate wires. The wiring is completed in such a way that one end of the wire is connected to the device, and the other end of the wire is connected to the control panel.


The Advantages/Benefits of Conventional Fire Alarm Systems:


There are many advantages of the Conventional Fire Alarm system, such as:

1- These are ideal for installation at smaller premises.

2- They are low in cost, hence affordable.

3- These systems can be set simply.

4- Their configuration is also cost effective.


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Who requires are Conventional Fire Alarm system?


There are different applications for conventional fire alarm systems. These are ideal for smaller buildings and premises. You can install them at:

i- Small schools.

ii- Stores.

iii- Restaurants.

iv- Apartments.


How does the Conventional Fire Alarm system work?


The smoke detectors, or heat detectors, detect fire and are known as the initiating devices. The sensors send messages to the control panel, which becomes active and triggers the sounders to produce audible alarms. In some conventional alarm systems, the fire suppression systems may also be activated by the control panels.

These fire systems can also be initiated with the help of manual pull stations.


Is a Conventional Fire Alarm system reliable?


Conventional Fire Alarm systems are not able to locate the exact area from where the devices received signals of fire or smoke, therefore these are less reliable than Addressable Fire Alarm systems.

The Conventional Fire Alarm Control panel is a traditional system, and it operates by analog method.

Difference between the Addressable Fire Alarm system and Conventional Fire Alarm system:


The main difference between the Addressable Fire Alarm system and the Conventional Fire Alarm system is, that the addressable fire alarm is exactly in points the location from where it gets the signals of fire or smoke. In this way, the time saves and it becomes easier to reach the location fast, and larger premises can be controlled with the help of this system. On the contrary, conventional fire alarm system fails to do so, and are suitable only for smaller premises.

COFEM SPAIN, has produced many devices for both alarm systems. Their Conventional Fire Detection and Alarm system includes the devices:

1-CLVR Control Panel.

2- London Control Panel.

3- London Repeater Control Panel.

4- Iron Control Panel.

5- Easy London Software.

6- Conventional Temperature Detector C50T/C50TB.

7- Conventional Heat Detector C50H.

8- Conventional Smoke and Heat Detector C50SH.

9- Conventional Smoke Detector C50S.

10- D50Z0/ D50ZAL Detectors Base.

11- Manual call point PUCAR.

12- Base with Alarm C50ZSL.

13- Base with Alarm C50ZSD.

14- Remote Action Indicator PIAL.

  • The devices for the Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm system includes:

1- Lyon Remote Control Panel.

2- Zafir Control Panel.

3- Compact Lyon Control Panel.

4- ZYR Repeater Control Panel.

5- COFEM Remote System.

6- I- Link Software.

7- Easy Conet/ Easy Online.

8- Remote Management System RMS.

9- Addressable Multisensory A50SHC08.

10- Addressable Heat Sensor A50H.

11- Addressable Heat Sensor With Isolator A50HI.

12- Addressable Smoke and Heat Sensor A50SH.

and many more…

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