Fire risk assessment is used to assess all the risks regarding the fire. In a normal risk assessment, the focus mainly lies on the harmful chemicals and other physical hazards at a workplace, but in the fire risk assessment, the focus only relies on fire safety. There is always a person who should have the responsibility to keep the record and all the things up to date. It is important to maintain a record of the following things:

1- To ensure that all the accurate safety practices are endorsed.

2- The completion of the fire risk assessment.

3- To inspect the firefighting equipment regularly.

4- The maintenance of firefighting equipment.

5- A full-fledged training of the staff to make them aware of their responsibilities regarding safety and evacuation.

The fire risk assessment includes a complete step-by-step procedure. The following steps are necessary to take to access your workplace:

The identification of the fire hazards:


There is a fire triangle, and the fire always results as a consequence of the completion of that fire triangle. The three components of the fire triangle are:

i- An ignition source that starts the fire.

ii- Oxygen gas present in the environment, helps in combustion.

iii- The fuel, includes all the materials that expand the fire like paper, fabric, wood, petrol, oils, fats, etc.

Must notice all the components of the fire triangle during the inspection of a particular area.

The identification of the people who are at risk:


At the workplace, the employees are the ones who are at the highest risk.

Fire Risk However the employees are not only limited to the risk. The clients, customers, or the other visitors are also the people, who are at risk.

The employer, or the person who is responsible for the fire risk assessment of an organization must keep all these people in mind. Pay specific attention to the old ones, young children, pregnant ladies, and persons with disabilities (PWDs).

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    The evaluation, removal, and reduction of the risks:


    When you record all the findings after taking the first and second steps, now you know all the things that can ignite a fire and all the people that may be affected by the fire hazard. Now comes the point of removing all these risks. Try to eradicate the risks completely, but if the complete reduction is not possible at least minimize the risks.

    For this purpose, take a complete look at the firefighting equipment including the active firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire sprinklers, also assess the passive firefighting equipment such as the fire doors as they are helpful in preventing the fire from spreading. Do not avoid the regular inspection and maintenance of all the firefighting equipment.

    Training, planning, and record-keeping:


    If in a fire risk assessment, a hazard is found, record it accurately by writing the date so that it can be used as a reference in the future.

    Do not forget to take notes for the rectification of the highlighted issue. All of this noted information will help in designing an evacuation plan that will be helpful in the future.

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    The final step of fire risk assessment includes the review of fire safety. Ensure the review of the workplace regularly and periodically. In addition to the review, must perform a new assessment, whenever a change takes place in the setting.

    The above-mentioned steps can be a complete and thorough guide for an authentic fire risk assessment. Gathering complete knowledge after following these steps and taking the safety measures accordingly, will minimize fire risks. It will ensure the ultimate protection of the workplace and the people working over there, against fire hazards. The complete inspection and assessment of an area makes it the safest environment. It also ensures to take the best actions for making the area protected against fire risks.

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