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  • Straight through design, low friction loss.
  • Mechanical valve with latching clapper.
  • The intermediate chamber built into the seat.
  • Externally resettable


The Model DDX deluge valve is a hydraulic piston operated, mechanical type deluge valve. The valve is designed for use as a primary control valve in the deluge, preaction or special types of fire protection systems. Following the operation, the valve is able to be reset externally. When the side chamber of the Reliable Model DDX Deluge Valve is pressurized, hydraulic supply pressure acts on the piston and pushrod assembly and simultaneously on the underside of the clapper. The resultant force of the supply pressure acting on the piston/pushrod is multiplied by the mechanical advantage of the lever and is more than sufficient to hold the clapper closed against normal supply pressure surges. When a releasing device vents the pushrod chamber to the atmosphere through the chamberโ€™s outlet, the pushrod chamber pressure falls instantaneously.

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