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Toecap Composite cap
Midsole Puncture resistant SJ Flex
Lining Mesh Nylon
Insole Soft impact foam
Upper Leather
Standards ASTM 2413
Standards S3


The SAFETY JOGGER MARS EH SB redefines workplace safety with its exceptional design and advanced features. Engineered to meet the demands of modern industries, these shoes offer a comprehensive solution for environments where electrical hazards are a concern.

Key Features:

1. Electrical Hazard Protection (EH):

Safety is paramount, especially when dealing with electrical equipment. The MARS EH SB is equipped with advanced technology that reduces the risk of electric shock by providing a protective barrier between your feet and the ground.

2. Steel Toe Cap:

Unforeseen impacts are no match for the steel toe cap integrated into these shoes. Feel secure knowing that your toes are safeguarded against heavy objects and potential hazards.

3. Premium Comfort:

Beyond safety, the MARS EH SB ensures all-day comfort. The ergonomic design, cushioned insole, and breathable materials keep your feet at ease even during extended shifts.

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