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  • Honeywell Gent
  • 800371
  • Optical Smoke Detector
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Model: 800371 Optical Smoke Detector

The “800371 Optical Smoke Detector” is probably a specific model number or product law that you’re pertaining to. Optical smoke detector, also known as photoelectric smoke detectors, are designed to descry visible patches of combustion, similar as bank from smoldering fires. Then a general description of what you might anticipate from an optical smoke detector:


  • Photoelectric seeing Technology: Uses a light source and a photosensitive detector to descry bank patches in the air.
  •  Early Discovery: Particularly effective at detecting slow- burning, smoldering fires that produce a lot of bank before dears come visible.
  •  Reduced false Alarms: less prone to false admonitions caused by cooking bank or brume.
  •  Audible Alarm: Emits a loud sound when bank is detected to warn inhabitants.
  • Visual Indicators: me models have LED lights that indicate the detectors functional status.
  • Test Button: Allows you to check the functionality of the detectors.
  • Battery- Powered or Hardwired: Available in both battery- operated and hardwired performances.


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