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  • Certificate: UL Listed
  • Standard: ANSI /UL 193
  • Connection: Flanged as ANSI b16.1
  • Activation: Auto,solenoid valve /hydraulic manual,ball valve
  • Test: Factory hydrotest 350 psi
  • Temperature: 0 to 68 c
  • w.pressure: 175 psi to 300 psi


Deluge Valve China is a core element in wet pipe fire sprinkler systems. It serves a dual purpose which prevents a reverse flow of water (non-return), also provides for the use of the water motor gong. Meanwhile, in the event of variable pressure conditions, a false alarm is prevented with the provision of retard chamber at the external bypass. A deluge valve is a quick release, hydraulically operated diaphragm valve used in a deluge system. And deluge system is used in conditions that require the quick application of large volumes of water, such as storage tanks, equipment pits, conveyor protection, etc.

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