Smoke alarm testing is an important task to be done regularly after the installation of fire alarm systems. Fire alarm systems are mandatory things for installation in the building, to save the building and the persons inside the building. See alsoย Fire alarm systems in hospitals

For these safety reasons, it is important that the fire alarm should be working properly all the time. This is why smoke testing is suggested.

Smoke alarm testing time:


Smoke alarm testing is mandatory to be done how often it is required, depends upon the nature of the building in which the smoke alarm system is installed.

Fire Safety Trading (Pvt) Ltd facility of smoke testing and also guides you properly, when it is required.

Smoke testing should be observed once a month at homes, the duration differs for lands and farms. Change the batteries of the fire system regularly. Call the technician yearly for fire alarm testing.

Fire Safety Trading PVT ltd:


Fire Safety Trading Pvt ltd, is proud to provide its services for installing and fire alarm testing. Our technicians are available on one phone call and provide fire alarm testing at reasonable prices in Pakistan.

( We Provide all Fire Safety Products in Pakistan )

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