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  • Fire Safety Trading provides a Forest Fire Fighting System in Pakistan. Firefighters work to do that by:
  • Cooling fuels below the combustion temperature through the use of water, foam, retardant or dirt
  • Cutting off the oxygen supply through the use of water
  • Removing fuel by clearing a swath of trees and brush ahead of the advancing fire


Defective electrics such as loose wires, or faulty equipment that can overheat and cause sparks, are common causes of fires in the workplace.It is essential that work equipment is regularly inspected and replaced upon any signs of electrical damage. In wildland fires, this behavior is influenced by how fuels (such as needles, leaves, and twigs), weather and topography interact. Once a fire starts, it will continue burning only if heat, oxygen and more fuel are present. Together, these three elements are said to make up the “fire triangle.”

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