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  • Material : plastic
  • Easy to Handle & Grp
  • Caution / Barricade tape 100meters(325 ft.)
  • strechable
  • Non-Adhesive


Barricade tape is used to make boundaries in certain areas on the road. The barricade tape comes in different designs, it can be multi-colored and contains strips of two colors. The colors may be yellow and black or red and white.

The other way of identifying the barricade tape is, the words ‘DANGER’ or ‘CAUTION’ are written on it.

Barricade tape is enwrapped around the specific area which makes that area prominent. The barricade tape indicates that there is some kind of danger in that area therefore you should not enter it. In this way the normal area and the dangerous/ working area become separate and the working for the laborers or policemen becomes easier without affecting the transportation and people.

There are other names of barricade tape, as well. If the barricade tape is used for construction its other names are construction tape or barrier tape.If the barricade tape is used for indicating a danger, then its other names are caution tape, warning tape, danger tape, or hazard tape.

Barricade tape is also called police tape if it is used by the police.

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