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What is a metal detector ?


Metal Detector in Pakistan
Metal Detector in Pakistan

A metal detector is used to detect the metals. It can find the metal which are present in other metals or underground, can also find the metals which are not visible to the eyes in any ways. Usually, metal detectors have a handle and a sensor and when they are moved over a surface, they detect the metal and either make a sound or move their needle as an indication. There are ‘walk through’ metal detectors as well, they are installed at certain places to detect the metals.

Metal detectors contain an oscillator that produces current. This current produces a magnetic field when passed through a coil.

Usage of metal detector:


There are vast applications for metal detectors. They are used in mines for getting precious metals. They are used to find weapons that are kept hidden. They are also used to find metals in food. In the construction field, they are used to find pipes and wires in the walls, etc.

How do metal detector work:


Metal detectors transmit electromagnetic fields to the ground through their coil. Metal comes within the range of that electromagnetic field, it will get energy and will retransmit its own electromagnetic field. The coil of the metal detector will send the other electromagnetic field and will give the signal. The minelab detectors are capable to detect only the target metals.

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Components of metal detector:

There are different components of metal detectors which are mentioned below:

1- Control box:

The control box can be regarded as the basic component of metal detectors. All the electronics are present within it. Sending, receiving, and processing the signals, everything happens here.

2- Search coil:                         

The search coil sends an electromagnetic field to the surfaces and receives the retransmitted electromagnetic field from the metal objects.

3- Transmit electromagnetic:

The transmit electromagnetic field provides energy to the target metal and helps detect them.

4- Target:

A target is any metal that we have to detect through the metal detectors. It can be gold or weapons or anything.

5- Unwanted target:

Unwanted targets are the metals that we do not want to detect through the metal detectors. The metal detectors are set to ignore them.

6- Receive electromagnetic:

The receive electromagnetic is the electromagnetic field which is received by the target metal.

7- Target response:

When the metal detectors come in contact with the target metals they produce a response like sound or any visual display.

Important factors in detecting metals:

There are different factors which are in what in detecting metals like:

1- Frequency:

That detection of metals greatly depends upon the frequency of metal detectors. Different frequencies are suitable to detect the different metals. We can choose the metal detectors with a specific frequency, according to the metal we want to detect. Metal detectors with multiple frequencies are also available.

2- Ground Balance:

Ground balance is another factor in the world in detecting metals. All the minerals present in a specific ground will respond after coming in contact with the metal detectors. The sounds of these minerals can distract you from finding the target metals. The setting of ground balance, in the metal detector, is a very useful feature that saves time.

The ground balance has the following three types:

3- Manual Ground balance:

In this type, the ground balance can be adjusted manually for avoiding disturbance by the noise of the ground.

4- Automatic ground balance:

This type of metal detector automatically attains the required ground balance setting.

5- Tracking ground balance:

The metal detectors keep on adjusting the ground balance setting which is an extremely useful feature. Minelab detectors are the most advanced metal detectors.

6- Discrimination:

The ability of metal detectors to identify the hit metal is called discrimination. When you know accurately that what is the object, that is hit to the metal detector you can decide whether to dig the ground or not. Minelab detectors produce different target identification numbers and produces different target sounds after sending different types of metals.

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Factors of detecting depth:

Metal detectors can detect the metals up to certain depths. The larger the diameter of the coil the larger the metal detector will be able to detect the metals. The other factors involved in detecting the target at a depth involve:

1- Target size:

Large metals can be detected to more depths than the smaller target metals.

2- Target shape:

Some shapes can be detected to deep than the others.

3- Target orientation:

The horizontal metals can be detected to larger depths than the vertical ones.

4- Target material:

The metals with higher conduction properties can be detected larger depth than the metals with poor conductive properties. a you may also learn about  Fire Alarm Control Panel

Importance of metal detectors:


The metal detectors are really important for security reasons and for hunting treasure and natural resources.

Metal Detector Price in Pakistan


Metal detector price in Pakistan is different  but minimum price  1100 and maximum price  8000

Metal Detector Price in Karachi


Metal detector price in Pakistan is different  but minimum price  1100 and maximum price  8000

Metal Detector Price in Lahore


Metal detector price in Pakistan is different  but minimum price  1100 and maximum price  8000

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