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Fire Extinguisher Ball in Pakistan

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Fire ball extinguisher :

Fire extinguisher ball is a fire fighting equipment which is operated automatically. When we throw a fire extinguisher ball on the fire, the thread inside the ball catches fire and help the bomb to blast. When the bomb blast, the ABC dry chemical powder inside the ball spreads on the fire and extinguishes it. The ABC dry chemical powder is filled in the fire extinguisher ball, as an agent for extinguishing the fire which is not harmful for the human beings. Fire extinguisher ball is a self-activated fire fighting device, we just have to throw it on the fire, after which it gets activated and extinguishes the fire.

Fire Ball extinguishers can be easily installed in different kinds of machines and engines. Can place the fireball extinguisher at a temperature range of -45 – 80 degrees Celsius.It is a beneficial fire fighting equipment for using indoors. Another advantage of fire ball extinguisher it does not need any periodic maintenance.

fire ball extinguisher portable fire fighting equipment because it is smaller in size and it can be handled easily. We should throw fire Ball extinguisher into the fire from a safe distance.The activation time of fire ball extinguisher is 3 to 10 seconds, and it can cover a distance of 2 m² efficiently.

The material filled in the fire ball extinguisher has a low density and low weight, therefore it’s fragments do not spread at larger distances after an explosion, which ensures the safety of nearby people and machinery.When the fire starts, the fireball extinguisher producers a sound of 120 dB as an alarm. Furthermore, fire ball extinguisher is not toxic, which makes it safe for the environment.

Mechanism of fire Ball extinguisher:

Fireball extinguisher size is equal to a football. Its outer area is formed of hard foam, the sphere is filled with fire extinguishing material.There is a thread and bomb inside the fire ball extinguisher. At a particular temperature, the thread catches the fire, and when it reaches the bomb, The Fire extinguishers ball explodes, fire fighting material inside the fire ball extinguisher spreads and extinguishes the fire.

we can see that fire Ball extinguisher works on a simple mechanism but it is really useful.

 Types of Fire extinguishers ball:

fire extinguisher ball
fire extinguisher ball

AFO Fire extinguisher Ball

the AFO fire extinguisher ball is a marvel of modern development. No person is needed to operate the AFO fire extinguisher ball because it can operate itself automatically rather than manually. So, once AFO fire extinguisher ball is installed, it will start functioning on sensing the rise in temperature. Due to this

reason, we can totally rely on the AFO fire extinguisher ball for extinguishing the fire. it not only extinguishes the fire but also saves the people and equipment from damage.In AFO fire extinguisher ball, the agent used as a firefighter is ABC dry chemical powder. When the ball is thrown on the fire, it catches the fire and explodes. The ABC dry chemical powder spreads all over the fire and extinguishes it. AFO fire extinguisher ball is light in weight therefore it can be thrown easily on the fire hazards.

The material used as a firefighting agent is ABC dry chemical powder which is harmless for the environment. It means it has a double advantage that the AFO fire extinguisher ball will extinguish the fire along with protecting the persons and environment.When the AFO fire extinguisher ball is raptured, the ABC dry chemical powder spreads at 360 degrees. The spread of firefighting material in all directions makes sure to extinguish the fire completely, which makes it more efficient.

It is easy to handle. There is no need of proper training for using the AFO fire extinguisher ball. Just keep yourself at a safe distance from the fire and throw it on the fire and that’s it, the AFO fire extinguisher ball will do the rest.

There are certain premises where we can use the AFO fire extinguisher ball, like;

  • Learning institutions like schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Hotels etc.
  • Hospitals and clinics.
  • Petrol pumps.
  • Wedding halls.
  • Railway stations and bus stops.
  • The places with electrical equipment.

Ice Ball fire extinguisher:

Ice ball fire extinguisher is also a small thing that can easily extinguish the fire efficiently. We can use it can be thrown on the fire from a safe distance. When you throw the Ice ball fire extinguisher on the fire it takes three to ten seconds and extinguishes the fire. The ice ball contains dry chemical powder as a firefighting agent.When we throw the Ice ball fire extinguisher on the fire it comes in contact with the fire and explodes automatically, the dry chemical powder inside it disperses and extinguishes the fire. we can see that it is really easy to handle.

There are the areas which worth keeping this smart firefighting tool, those places include:

  • Learning institutions like schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Hotels etc.
  • Hospitals and clinics.
  • Petrol pumps.
  • Wedding hallsRailway stations and bus stops.
  • The places with electrical equipment
  • Banks.
  • warehouses of industries.

Elide fire ball:

Elide fire ball works same as the other fire all extinguishers. When a fire outbreak the Elide fire ball is thrown on it. The Elide fire ball explodes itself automatically, the firefighting material disperses and extinguishes the fire.

We can see that Elide fire ball is also easy to handle and deal. It does not require any trained person to operate. It is an automatic firefighting tool, which can efficiently extinguish the fire.

Aqua Fire ball:

Aqua fire ball is a really effective and easy to use fire ball extinguisher. It can extinguish the fire of classes A, B, and C. it can cover an area of three meters square. It has a round shape. It is lightweight and weighs 1.3 kgs only. Aqua fire ball can be kept in commercial sites as a safety measure.

Installation of fireball extinguisher:

You can I nstall the fire ball extinguisher at any place where you feel it is needed. There are certain places which are at higher risks of catching fire choose those and install fire ball fighter there. For installation you can fix the bracket on the wall and put the fire ball extinguisher inside it.

Working of fire ball extinguisher:

If a place or  thing catches a fire and the fire ball extinguisher is already installed there, then, when the flames will reach to the fire ball extinguisher it will explode, the material inside it will disperse and the fire will be extinguished.

Benefits of fire ball extinguishers:

There are enormous benefits of fire ball extinguishers which are listed below;

  • Instant response:Fire ball extinguishers respond instantly. When we throw it on fire it takes a minimum of three seconds and a maximum of ten seconds to activate and extinguish the fire.
  • Automatic:Fire all extinguishers are activated automatically and do not need any manual support to initiate. This feature makes it convenient to use.
  • Safe:Fire ball extinguisher can be thrown on the fire from a safe distance which makes it safe to use.
  • Ecofriendly:The firefighting agent inside the fire ball extinguisher disperses in the air and left no residue, therefore, making it harmless for the people and environment.
  • Can be used without any specific training:We have just to throw the fire ball extinguisher in the fire which needs no training.
  • No maintenance:We can use fire ball extinguisher for five years without worrying about its maintenance.
  • Easy handling:The fire ball extinguishers are light in weight so we can carry them easily for throwing it on the fire, which makes it really easy to handle.

What is fireball?

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Fireball is firefighting equipment, it contains a firefighting agent that extinguishes the fire.

What is the use of fire ball extinguisher?

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The fire ball extinguisher is used to extinguish the fire in a very easy convenient way.

Are fireballs safe?

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Yes, fireballs are very safe.


Fire ball extinguishers are marvelous invention. They are small in size but efficient in work. Fire ball extinguishers are balls filled with firefighting agents which cut off the fire. remember we can use fire ball extinguisher on smaller fires to take control over them and stop spreading them for the safety of human beings and other worthy assets.

Fire ball extinguishers prices in Pakistan:

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