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A manual call point, also known as a manual fire alarm pull station or manual pull station, is a device used in fire detection and alarm systems. It allows individuals to manually initiate a fire alarm signal when they detect a fire or emergency situation. Manual call points are typically found in various buildings, including commercial, industrial, and residential spaces, as a crucial component of the fire safety system.

Here are the key features and components of a typical manual call point:

Activation Mechanism: A visible and easily accessible element that can be pushed or pulled to activate the alarm signal. It is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing individuals to trigger the alarm quickly in case of a fire or emergency.

Break Glass Element: Many manual call points have a transparent protective element (often made of glass) that must be broken to access the activation mechanism. Breaking the glass prevents accidental activation while ensuring the system is only triggered intentionally.

Reset Mechanism: After activation, the manual call point typically requires manual reset by authorized personnel or the fire department. This ensures that the system is ready for future use once the emergency situation has been resolved.

Indicator: A visible indicator on the call point might change color or display an illuminated light to show that the alarm has been activated. This can help responders locate the activated call point in a building.

Mounting: Manual call points are usually mounted at a height that is easily accessible to individuals but not at a level where they might be accidentally triggered by everyday activities.

Integration: They are an integral part of a larger fire detection and alarm system. Once activated, the manual call point triggers the alarms, notification devices, and alerts in the building, such as fire alarm bells, strobe lights, and notification panels.

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