Kitchen Fire Suppression System

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  • Easy to clean and to refill after fire
  • Fast fire control and safety in grease related fires
  • The cooling effect prevents reigniting
  • Designed for various risks of kitchen fires
  • Akronex's fire suppression systems into kitchen hood and fire extinguishing agents of Akronex are designed and manufactured, according to UL standards


The modern commercial kitchens serve up a host of fire hazards due to the accumulation of flammable grease on kitchen equipment and high temperature in the environment. Ventilating systems deposit grease from cooking vapours throughout the hood, filters, and ducts. Electric power and gas services increase the risk of fire and, thus, should be switched off before beginning fire. Akronexโ€™s fire extinguishing system inside the hood protects all different areas of risk and provides all additional functions.


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Kitchen Fire Suppression System
Kitchen Fire Suppression System

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