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Fire hydrant System


The fire hydrant is a very useful device for fire fighting and extinguishing the fire immediately. It is a connection that is connected to the water supply source and when a fire outbreaks the firefighter can easily get the water by opening this connection.

The  hydrant system is usually red in color which makes them prominent. The whole system which contains pillars and pipes is designed in red color.The  hydrant system can supply water with extremely high pressure. High pressured water is able to extinguish the fire in very little time.

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Types of fire hydrant systems:

Fire hydrants are of two types, those types are mentioned below:

1- Wet hydrant:

Hydrant systems contain water and their pipes, therefore, these are only useful where the temperature does not fall under a certain limit so that the water in the pipes does not get frozen.

2-Dry hydrants:

In dry hydrant systems the water is stored underground and the pipes are kept empty from water. Dry hydrants are used in the areas where there is a risk of freezing of water. When the water is required the valve is opened to get the water for extinguishing the fire

Fire Hydrant System
Fire Hydrant System

How do fire hydrant systems function:

There is a whole network of valves and pipes in the fire hydrant system. If a fire incident happens, firefighters search for the  hydrant system. The valve of a fire hydrant is covered, and a pentagonal wrench is used to remove that cover. After removing the cover hose pipes are attached to the valve to get water.

There are nuts or bolts which are rotated and then water started flowing into the pipes. The hydrants are designed in such a way that they can maintain the pressure and direction of the flow of water.

Advantages of  hydrant systems:

Fire hydrant systems are extremely useful for extinguishing fires. They can extinguish a wide variety of different types of fires. They can extinguish low to high ranged fires.

Since they provide high-pressure water, therefore, they can extinguish the fire in very less time. The water from  hydrants can reach several heights and achieve different angles for extinguishing the fire.

They prevent leakage of water. The requires low maintenance and has a long life. They are very effective and durable.

Disadvantages of  hydrant systems:

Disadvantages of fire hydrants include that they have to be operated manually they cannot be started automatically. Due to the high pressure of water in the hose pipes two persons are required to handle it. Fire hydrants may even cause damage to the equipment and machines because the water that flows out from them has high pressure.

Fire Hydrant System price in pakistan

Fire Hydrant System price in Pakistan are different but average price is 65,000

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