Fire safety equipment


  • Detection sensitivity: ฮฆ2.5mm Ball
  • Power supply: 9-volt battery (6F22ND)
  • Power consumption: 270mW
  • Operating frequency: 22KHz
  • Working Current: Less than 50mA
  • Working temperature: -5 โ„ƒ -55 โ„ƒ
  • Net Weight: 409g
  • Size: 410 * 85 * 45mm
  • Packing size: 580 * 330 * 460mm (25 support / box, weight: 12.5KG/13.5KG)


The Super Scanner Operates on 9-volt standard or rechargeable battery. To install the battery, slide off the battery cover and place the battery into its compartment while matching the +/- symbols.Turn the unit on by pushing the on/off switch until it clicks on and the green LED is lit. The detector is now operational although and increase in sensitivity and depth range can be achieved by turning the sensitivity adjuster until the LED turn to red and a constant audio tune is heard. Turn the sensitivity adjustor (anti-clockwise) until the red LED become to green the tone fades. The detector is now tuned for optimal sensitivity and depth range.Holding the unit with the detection face towards the surface, sweep backward and forwards continuously at the height of 10-30mm above the area to be scanned.The presence of metal will be indicated by the audio warning tone and the red light coming on. If the detector is held still over a metal object, the detection signal will automatically reduce. Therefore it is essential that the unit is continually scanning the surface when in use.

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