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  • The LYON / ZAFIR / COMPACT Lyon control panel allows to connect up to 15 repeaters, using a 4 wires of 1,5 mm2 connection (two for supply and two for communication for RS485 line). The two wires of the RS485 line will be connected from the control panel to the corresponding repeaters. The repeater wiring is realized like the figure attached.
  • From 30 V output of the control panel power supply is allowed up to 3 repeaters. For C-Lyon and Zafir control panels is allowed supply 1 repeater. The rest of repeaters should be connected from the 30 V output of an external power supply.
  • The wiring of repeaters, communication and power wires, will be realized with twisted and shielded halogen-free of 2ร—1,5 mm2 wire, maximum length up to 1200 m.
  • In the end of the line should be connected a 120 ฮฉ resistance, in the back panel of the last repeater.

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