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  • Upper Barton Action Leather Upper: permeablity to work vapour Upper: water
  • Lining Mesh Lining: permeability to water vapor Lining: water vapor coefficient
  • Footbed SJ foam footbed Footbed: abrasion resistance
  • Outsole PU/PU Outsole abrasion resistance (volume loss) Outsole slip resistance SRA: heel Outsole slip resistance SRA: flat Outsole slip resistance SRB: heel friction Outsole slip resistance SRB: flat friction


Automotive, Chemical, Cleaning,

Construction, Industry,

Logistics, Mining, Oil & Gas

Dry environment, Muddy environment,

Uneven surfaces,

Wet environment to extend the life of your shoes, we recommend to clean them regularly and to protect them with adequate products.

Do not dry your shoes on a radiator, nor nearby a heat source.

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