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Product: 800171 Heat Detector

  • The 800171 Heat Sensor detectors is a pivotal element of fire safety systems, designed to descry increases in temperature that could indicate the presence of a fire. It serves as an early warning device to warn inhabitants and authorities, allowing for timely response and action.


Key Features:


  • Temperature Sensing: Temperature seeing Observers the girding terrain for rapid-fire or significant temperature changes.


  • Threshold Activation: activates an alarm when the temperature reaches apre-set threshold, indicating implicit fire conditions.


  • Reliable Performance: Constructed with durable accoutrements for harmonious and accurate discovery.


  • Compatibility: Designed to integrate into colorful fire alarm systems for comprehensive fire safety.


  • Visual and Audible cautions: When a notable temperature increase is detected, the sensor detectors triggers admonitions to notify individualities of implicit fire hazards.



  • The 800171 Heat Sensor detectors finds operation in surroundings where traditional bank sensors detectors might not be suitable due to factors like high dust situations, moisture, or other environmental conditions. It’s generally used in artificial settings, storehouse areas, kitchens, and locales prone to rapid-fire temperature oscillations.

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