Fire Extinguishers
Fire Safety Trading (Pvt) Ltd provides affordable prices for fire extinguishers all over Pakistan. We have trained and certified professionals that can install fire extinguishers at your place. Contact us to get a quote for fire extinguishers.
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Fire Safety Trading (Pvt) Ltd offers all types of fire suppression system related services all over Pakistan. Our certified professionals will perform all the required tests after the inspection to measure the performance of the fire suppression system.
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Fire Safety Trading (Pvt) Ltd offer fire alarm system installation services to clients.We also provide fire alarm installation services for gas detection systems, smoke detectors, and fire extinguisher panels.
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About Our Company

Fire Safety Trading (Pvt) Ltd

Fire Safety Trading (Pvt) Ltd is an award-winning fire fighting Company in Pakistan. Our company is one of the leading and revolutionary in the fire fighting industry. We have dedicated expertise in designing, manufacturing, and delivering all fire fighting, safety, and security tools and apparatus. All our products and equipment are up to the market trends. Our excellent quality products give us a cutting edge in the industry. We are made our glamorous success story since 1996.

We have been working in the fire fighting industry for pretty much our entire lives. Our passion stems from the need of our people. Because we do care about the safety of our people and everything we do is about your safety. We want to save our people from Fire. We are providing all kinds of fire fighting and fire safety products to all our clients.

We have a big chain of our loyal and trusted Industrial, Governmental, Private and, Individual Clients. Our clients are our real assets and we are continuously hitting the needs and demands of our clients. We have a list of our satisfied clients.

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Our Range Of Products
We regularly bring new products in to the market. Check out the latest we have to offer from our huge range of products and services.
Services Servicing And Maintenance
At Fire Safety Trading (Pvt.) Ltd., we offer a wide range of fire and safety services to meet your specific need, all backed by trained professionals.
Designing Of Fire Protection Systems
Designing of fire protection systems is a complete science and must be done by qualified professionals. We at FIRE SAFETY TRADING (Pvt.) Ltd. have a complete team of dedicated professionals to design systems.

Fire Safety Trading (Pvt) Ltd has a rigorous process in place to test each piece of fire fighting equipment. We also provide all relevant industry certifications for our products.

Fast Delivery
Our store is the first virtual store for purchasing fire fighting, safety and security products. It is a store where a buyer can buy their required products by a single click. Just let us know your needed products and just relax we will deliver products at your door steps!
Tested And Approved Products
Our uniqueness is that all our products are up to market standards and of excellent quality. All our products have been tested and approved. We design and manufacture our products that meet the demands of our clients.
Online Support 24/7
Our website is open 24/7. We are here to provide you with the best solution regarding fire safety. We are here to serve you. You can order products online or can shop from our store and pick up your products from us. So You are always well come to contact us.




Fire Safety Trading (Pvt) Ltd on of the main leading Fire Fighting Companies in Pakistan. We deal with the product from the below-mentioned brands:

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