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Public Address system

A public address system is a set of amplifiers, loudspeakers, and a microphone. The usage of a public address system is, amplifying of the sounds. The sound can either be a speech or music.They are named public address systems because they are used to address the public, by amplifying the frequency e off sounds.

By using the public address system we can make different announcements, for example, we can make the people alert for different incidents like fire, malfunctioning of the elevator or anything important that can be announced.There are different parts of the public address system which are connected with each other and form a system to work responsively. The details of parts of a public address system is given below:


The public address system has a board like amplifier with which the microphone and horn speakers or loudspeakers are attached. There are specific sites on the amplifier for attaching the other components like loudspeakers, microphones USB, and SD cards.Usually, speakers or loudspeakers are connected with the amplifier, to get a louder voice, but smaller speakers can also be connected. When we use smaller speakers, we have to connect a transformer with them to match the impedance.

The amplifier contains a power button. We have both the options of AC and DC current, so we can provide either AC or DC to the amplifier for its working.Second, we have the volume button with which we can turn the volume high or low.Then there is a base button with which we can adjust the sound.With the trable button, we can adjust the pitch of the sound, which means we can adjust the sharpness of the sound according to our needs.Then comes the Echo button. Echo means the repentance of a sound. So, if you will use the echo option the words once said will repeat several times.

We can connect two microphones with an amplifier and can adjust the volume accordingly, with the buttons for the up and down of the microphone volume. We can connect a USB or SD card whatever we want, to play the music.There are some other options on the backside of the amplifier. You can supply 220V if you are connecting it with AC and if you are connecting it with DC you can supply 120 volts.

In the speaker connection, you can connect two speakers. You can connect speakers of different volts with the amplifier.

Call station:

The public alarm system has a component known as a call station. The voice alarm call system has a mic attached to it, all the announcements are made by using the voice alarm call system. The call station is made up of high-quality material. It has a very nice finishing look and it is also flexible. The microphone attached to the call station is rotatable and we can rotate in all directions for movement.

There are different zones on the voice alarm call station, these zones are used to distinguish the different floors of a large building. For example, we can control the first, second and third floor with 1st zone and forth fifth and sixth floor with the 2nd zone and so on.We can choose our respective zone and make the specific announcement and if you want to make the same announcement in the whole building, then you can choose that particular option, with the selector key we can choose all the zones on the call station and announce something in the whole building.

After selecting the respective zone, press the “push to talk” button before you make an announcement keep on pressing the “push to talk” button during the whole announcement.If your building has too many stories and one voice alarm call station is not enough to cover all the floors. You don’t need to worry, there switch on the call station, with which you can connect additional keypads for covering more floors by increasing the number of zones. There is a wire that connects the call station and the keypad.

The call station acquires a power supply for its working, there is a cable on the public address system for call station, which provides power to the voice alarm call station.There are two points where we can connect cables on the call station, one is the input point where we attach the cable that comes from the public address system the other is the output point where we connect the cable for the additional keypad.

There is a light on the top of the call station which shows the functioning status of the call station. If the light is green, it means the call station is active. If there is a fault in the call station the light will be amber and if the light turns red it indicates an emergency.There is also a light in front of every zone which turns on when the zone is selected.

Ceiling mounted speaker:

Speakers are a mandatory part of the public address system. When we say something in the call station, it is announced in the different parts of a building or other public places with the help of speakers.The speakers can be mounted on the ceiling. They can be fixed in the ceiling for a neat and clean look. Ceiling mounted speakers do not give a prominent look but perform their function efficiently.

The components of speakers include a connector, which requires a power supply. There is an earthing wire in the connector, which is used to earth the current in case of leakage.The connector is then connected to the transformer. The transformer needs 100 V of electricity which is provided by the connector.

The transformer then gives output to the speakers for their functioning. From the transformer different volts of power are supplied to the speakers like 3 volts, 1.5 volts or 0.75 v.For installing the ceiling mounted speakers, we take precise measurements. Then cut the ceiling according to the size of the speakers and fix the speakers in the ceiling with the help of the wires.

Wall mounted speakers:

These speakers are mounted on the walls. Normally, they are larger in size than the ceiling mounted speakers. Because of their greater size, they become prominent and visible to the eyes. However, fixing the speakers on the walls keeps them safe from damage.

Wall mounted speakers provide a high-quality audio. When we fix the speakers on the walls the sound spreads all around the area and sounds good.Wall mounted speakers are perfect for saving space. They give a modern look in homes, buildings, hotels, offices, hospitals, and others indoors.Wall mounted speakers get out of the reach of the children and pets which ensures their long life.

There are certain types of speakers that can be mounted on the walls. They have keyholes and brackets with the help of which, can be mounted on the walls. For example, tower speakers are not wall mounted speakers due to their size.The place for mounting the speakers in the walls should be chosen carefully. You need to drill holes in the walls for mounting speakers which will look ugly if you do not hang the speakers over there.

There are two ways of mounting the speakers on the walls, they can either be mounted with the help of screws or with the help of special wall mounts. The special wall mounts are first attached to the walls and then speakers are attached with them. You can adjust the angle of speakers if you use wall mounts.


You are now familiar with the public address system. It is a system in which amplifiers, speakers, and microphones are properly connected together. All these components work systematically for making announcements and alerting the people for any emergency situation. You can choose either loudspeakers or the normal ones. The speakers can be either wall mounted speakers or ceiling mounted speakers.

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