Road Safety Convex Mirror

Image module


  • Clear and definite mirror image
  • Easy and convenient installation
  • Firm, long time using and anti-crash
  • Anti-ultraviolet radiation
  • Additional weatherproofing
  • Unbreakable, unaffected by heat and easier to clean
  • Deamination : (24″/60cm)


Another road safety equipment includes traffic mirrors. These traffic mirrors are important for high visibility in tough weather conditions and on sharp edges and bends of the roads.

A convex mirror is also known as a curved mirror. The edges of the convex mirror are curved from the outer side. Whatever comes in the convex mirror, the convex mirror expands the whole image. In this way, the views become clear, and visibility increases. Hence, the drivers can drive safely.

Convex mirrors can be placed on the home driveway exists, the commercial and industrial sites, the bends which are sharp on the road, dangerous curves, and crowded parking.Other than these places, you can install the convex mirror wherever you want to increase safety. Installing the convex mirror decrease the risk of accidents and saves vehicles and people’s lives.

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