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  • Carbon dioxide in gaseous agent, colourless, odourless/non-toxic and provide rapid knockdown of the industrial fire. It is capable of fighting Class B fire effectively.
  • Cylinders compliance to council directive 97/23/EC (PED) and Statutory instrument 1999 No. 2001 is certified by BSI (0086).
  • Certified by BSI under marine equipment directive.
  • Seamless steel body (Lightweight).
  • High-quality polyester paint.
  • Controlled discharge.
  • Brass head valve with simple squeeze operations provided with pressure relieve disc
  • Rechargeable & easy to service.
  • Non-conductive agent for electrical use without risk to the operator.
  • CO2 gas disappears quickly leaving no residue.
  • Swivel horn with no freeze burns, with greater directional control of CO2 discharge through horn rotation feature.
  • 2Kg is available with the 55B Fire rating as efficient as a 5Kg unit.

Ideal Use:ย Chemical manufacturing plant, oil rigs, rail yards, warehouses, construction sites, parking garages, airport, boat and docks, and large laboratories.

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