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Water-based fire suppression system:
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FM 200 Fire Suppression System
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NOVEC 1230 fire suppression system
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Dry powder-based fire suppression system
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Water mist fire suppression system
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CO2 fire suppression system
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Kitchen Fire Suppression System
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Inert fire suppression system
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Foam based fire suppression system
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Fire suppression system


A fire suppression system is necessary for keeping at home, offices, schools, hospitals, industries, and other areas for safety reasons.There are a lot of valuable documents and equipment in the buildings and the most valuable thing is human life. If the fire outbreaks, it can lead to extreme damage and losses.

Fire suppression systems aid in controlling the fire and preventing damage. Therefore, installing the fire suppression systems is mandatory, because if losses once happen they cannot be recovered.

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Types of fire suppression systems

There are different types of fire suppression  that are designed according to the classes of fire and the equipment on which where they have to be used.

Water-based fire suppression system:

Water-based fire suppression  is the most common type of suppression system which is used to extinguish a fire. Water is something which is really available everywhere to extinguish the fire. Therefore, such suppression systems are the simplest and easiest to install and use.

Water-based fire suppression system is used to extinguish the fires of classes A, C, and F. These fire suppression systems cannot be used on electrical equipment therefore, we should not use them on fire of class E.

Water-based fire suppression system, is a whole system of water supply reservoir, pipes, fire hose cabinets, valves etc.

The water is supplied to the fire incident from the water reservoir, through a complete system of pipes. The water reservoir must be kept filled in order to be used immediately in case of a fire incident.

Fire safety Trading imports water-based suppression system Naffco, Akronix, Hygood,Tyco and China.

Water mist fire suppression system:

The water mist fire suppression system there carries water from the water reservoir through the pipes and throws it on the fire in the form of mist.

The sprinkler heads of the water mist fire suppression contain a bulb that senses the fire temperature and when the temperature exceeds the set limit the seal breaks and the water spreads in the form of mist on the fire and extinguishes it.

Fire safety Trading imports water mist suppression system Naffco, Akronix, Hygood,Tyco and China.

Foam based fire suppression system:

Foam-based fire suppression systems are used for extinguishing the fire of class B. There are places where inflammable liquids are placed like in kitchens and industries if those inflammable liquids catch fire, that class of fire is class B. In such cases, foam-based fire suppression systems are the most effective system for extinguishing that fire.

Foam deluge systems are such fire suppression systems in which pipes are empty from fired suppression agents. There is a control valve behind which the foam is stored. The constituents of the foam deluge system are a source from which the form is supplied, a deluge valve that controls the supply of foam, and sprinkler-operated detection system.

When the sprinklers sense the rise in temperature the deluge fire system gets activated and the deluge valve opens resulting in the supply of foam from the source to the sprinklers heads, then the sprinkler heads throw the form on the fire and extinguish it.

The deluge system can be activated hydraulically, pneumatically, electrically or manually.

Water deluge systems are also present which contain water instead of foam in them.Foam deluge systems are mostly installed in the areas where is a risk of severe fires like chemical plants etc.

Fire Safety Trading imports foam-based suppression system Naffco, Akronix, Hygood,Tyco and China.

Dry powder-based fire suppression system:

Dry powder-based fire suppression systems contain some dry chemicals in them for extinguishing the fire. Different types of fire need a different type of dry chemical for their extinguishment. For class B fire, sodium bicarbonate is used and Monoammonium phosphate is used for A, B, and C class of fire.

Nitrogen is used as a propellant which helps the dry powder to come out from the cylinder of the fire suppression system. The valve gets open and the agent releases out of the cylinder and suppresses the fire.

The cylinder of the dry chemical powder suppression system must be refilled after every use. Because of this feature, we can use these suppression systems again and again after refilling them for a long period of time.

Dry chemical suppression systems leave a lot of residues behind, a lot of cleaning up is required.

Such suppression systems are convenient for many places where water sprinkler systems are not applicable. The systems are non-conductive so, this can be used on electrical equipment, but it can damage the equipment because it leaves a lot of residues.

Fire safety Trading imports Dry powder based suppression system Naffco UAE and Chemguard China.

FM 200 fire suppression system:

FM 200 fire suppression system contains gas tetraflouropropane. The gas extinguishes the fire in less than 10 seconds.

The gas is liquefied under high pressure and then enclosed in the cylinder but when it comes out it attains the form of gas and spreads over the fire for extinguishing it.

FM 200 is safe to use around people because it is a clean agent and does not affect breathing. It left no residue therefore save to use on the equipment and machinery. FM 200 is less costly than the other gas suppression systems. The benefit of FM 200 is that less quantity of this gas can extinguish the fire.

Fire safety imports FM 200 suppression system  Akronix, Hygood,Tyco and China.

NOVEC 1230 fire suppression system:

NOVEC 1230 fire suppression system uses NOVEC 1230 for extinguishing the fire. The gas removes heat from the fire cycle to distinguish it. Since heat is removed and the oxygen is not taken out from the environment therefore it does not cause suffocation, therefore, it is easy to use around people and small spaces. The gas immediately evaporates in the atmosphere hence leaving no pollution. The equipment and electronics stay safe from the gas.

Fire safety imports NOVEC suppression system Naffco, Akronix, Hygood,Tyco and China.

CO2 fire suppression system:

Carbon dioxide is a colourless, scentless and non-conductive gas that can effect quickly and efficiently into the protected area. Its density is about 50% higher than. the air density. During extinguishing, it is seen like a white mist. It does not make residue on the materials or affect adversely the materials. Reduces the concentration of oxygen causes suppression to fire in the space and creating a cooling effect caused by the rapid expansion of the gas.

Fire safety Trading imports CO2 suppression system Naffco, Akronix, Hygood,Tyco and China.

Kitchen fire suppression system:

Kitchen fire suppression systems are installed in the kitchens because there is a high risk of fire in the kitchen. The stoves and fats can easily cause a fire hazard in the kitchens of restaurants or even in residential areas.

The kitchen fire suppression  are installed in such a way that the fire suppression agent is directly thrown on the fire.

Wet chemicals are used in kitchen fire suppression systems, these wet chemicals cover the fire and cut off the supply of oxygen to the fire, therefore, extinguishing it. The gas supply also gets stopped and no fuel is available for the fire.

The kitchen fire suppression systems do not affect all the cooking things therefore only the burnt cooking material is wasted and the rest of the materials stay safe. The smoke is also pushed out from the kitchen with the help of a suppression system. These systems operate automatically, therefore, ensuring the lowest loss.

Fire safety imports water-based suppression system Naffco, Akronix, Hygood,Tyco and China.

Why need a fire suppression system inspection?

The inspection of suppression system is required on regular basis for ensuring that the performance of every part is efficient so that the suppression system will work excellent at the time of any fire hazard.

How install a  suppression system?

A fire suppression system needs a proper place to be selected for installation and proper fixing is required only a trained person can install the suppression systems.

Which suppression system is right for you?

It depends upon the surroundings in which you are present and what kind of equipment is around you, you can choose a suitable suppression system.

Importance of fire suppression :

Fire suppression  are extremely important to be installed in homes, offices, hospitals, schools, industries, and other areas for the safety of people, equipment, and buildings.There are different types of fire suppression  such as water-based fire suppression , foam-based fire suppression , dry powder-based suppression systems, pressurized gas systems.

FM 200 fire suppression , NOVEC fire suppression , foam deluge systems, water mist fire suppression system. All these fire suppression systems are designed for the different classes of the fire. These fire suppression systems are automatic as well as manual. All things properties make them extremely efficient to install for extinguishing the fire, You may also learn about Cofem Spain Product.

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