NAFFCO Fire equipment in Pakistan

NAFFCO Fire equipment in Pakistan

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NAFFCO Fire equipment

NAFFCO fire equipment is the world’s best fire equipment, designed for the safety of people and the environment. NAFFCO covers all the products which is important and required for protection and security. Firefighting equipment trucks and vehicles, fire pumps and controllers, fire protection systems, passive fire protection, extra low-voltage solutions, medical safety, and training.

All the above-mentioned fire fighting equipment along with their methods for using and keeping them in high working condition, everything is provided and guided by NAFFCO.

NAFFCO fire fighting equipment is designed for all fields of life, including homes, industries, airports, hotels, filling stations, other oil, and gas dealing areas, etc.

NAFFCO Fire equipment
NAFFCO Fire equipment

NAFFCO fire alarm system:

NAFFCO fire alarm system will help to detect smoke and fire. The fire alarm system should be installed in all places whether they are homes or industries.

NAFFCO fire alarm will alert the people about the Fire at the initial stages. In this way, fighting with the fire will be easy to prevent losses.

Fire detection and notification system:

There are different series of NAFFCO Fire alarm systems:

1- Fire, Gas, and Extinguishant system.

2- Legacy series.

3- infiNET Series.

4- Omega series.

All these series work on low- voltage but they have high efficiency.

Battery operated detectors:

Battery operated detectors are excellent for detecting fires. The smoke detector and the heat detector, both are available and can be operated by batteries.

Gas detection system:

There are certain gases in the atmosphere which are harmful to human beings, NAFFCO fire alarm system can detect those gases. The gases may be:

1- Ammonia

2- Carbon Monoxide

3- Sulphur Dioxide

4- Hydrogen Chloride

5- Nitrogen Dioxide

6- Nitric Oxide

7- Hydrogen

and many other gasses.

Extinguishant control system:

NAFFCO Extinguishant control system is Capital or protecting your positions by alerting you with the help of fire detection and alarm system.

Voice evacuation system:

A Voice evacuation system is excellent for alerting the people to escape from the building that is on fire. It is a part of the NAFFCO fire detection and alarm system.

Fire rated cable:

Fire-rated cable is connected with the NAFFCO fire alarm system and it can withstand temperatures up to 830 degrees centigrade.

Emergency lighting system:

An emergency lighting system is a whole system of providing lights for visibility during the evacuation from the building. These lights make the escape easy.

NAFFCO fire extinguishers:

NAFFCO fire extinguishers are designed according to the needs of different places. There is a whole list of different types of fire extinguishers that are manufactured by NAFFCO.

Every type of fire extinguisher is manufactured by NAFFCO. We provide CO2, Water-type, Foam-type, Dry chemical, clean agent, and Wet chemical fire extinguishers. Furthermore, we have special fire extinguishers for keeping in cars and boats.

NAFFCO fire extinguishers are best to install on the premises like homes, offices, schools, and wherever there is a risk of fire.

Fires Safety Trading PVD Ltd:

NAFFCO is an international brand and all the NAFFCO fire fighting equipment is available at our company. We are well-known importers of fire fighting equipment from well-known brands. So, if you are looking for the best NAFFCO fire fighting equipment at reasonable prices in Pakistan, Fire Safety Trading Pvt ltd should be your priority. contact us

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