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  • YELLOW โ€“ Caution and Physical
  • RED โ€“ Emergency, Stop, Danger, and Fire
  • ORANGE โ€“ Machine and Electrical
  • GREEN โ€“ Safety Equipment, other than Firefighting
  • Construction : Plastic
  • Width: 12โ€ Depth: 12โ€ Height: 25โ€

What are the wet .floor signs called?

The road safety equipment is known as wet floor signs are used to indicate slippery surfaces. The signs are really essential to prevent the people and vehicles from falling and damages. The surfaces may be slippery because of the routine cleaning, spilling of something, the leakage of any product, or the rainy weather. more


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    Wet Floor Sign Use


    Wet .floor signs can be placed on the roads or inside any departmental store or any shopping mall. There are different colors of wet floor signs which means different things.Wet. flower signs are usually yellow in color on which the text is written in black color and a sign of a falling person is printed on them.

    Wet floor signs can be placed when they are required and can be removed when they are not required. In this way, we can easily warn the people about an expected hazard and save them.

    Wet Floor Sign
    Wet Floor Sign


    Wet Floor Sign price in Pakistan


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