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  • Our cable lockout equipment is an easy-to-use multi-purpose energy isolation solution that is ideal for unusual devices that are difficult to lock using conventional means.
  • The devices and tools available easily cinch cable in place to keep handles and/or valvesmlocked in the OFF position, effectively isolating valves or electrical power handles
  • Our electrical lockout products will help you properly shut down electrical systems including: circuit breakers, push-buttons, rotary, wall switches, plugs and much more.
  • Lockout stations and kits are equipped with the tools you need to isolate mechanical and electrical control points.


Fire Safety Trading offers a broad range of durable, easy-to-use Lockout Tagout in pakistan that cover most mechanical and electrical applications.

In addition, we cover other critical aspects of a compliant, effective energy control program by providing innovative solutions for training employees, creating documented procedures, and identifying energy sources.

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