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  • They are suitable for A, B, C class fires and electrical fires
  • It is non-corrosive and ensures the safety of the customersโ€™ belongings
  • It has silicon-based powder
  • Easy to use
  • Easy squeeze grip
  • Wall mounting bracket
  • Strong protective base
  • Maintenance free
  • It has controlled discharge


A fire extinguisher could save your life in an emergency. Whether you work in an office building, commercial, warehouse environment or industrial site, or even for your home, having the right type of fire extinguisher in the right location is essential, thatโ€™s why we provide DCP Fire Extinguishers in Pakistan to save your life.

DCPย Fire Extinguisher is standing forย Dry Chemicals Powderย Fire Extinguisher.ย  DCP Fire Extinguishers in Pakistan are the most widely used of all types of extinguishers.

DCP fire extinguisher is a dry chemical fire extinguisher and is very efficient firefighting equipment. It is a very versatile fire extinguisher that can extinguish different classes of fire (class A, B, E). A dry chemical fire extinguisher is most widely used forย fireย protection and very quickly knock out the fire. It is also known as BE or ABE fire quencher. They are ideal to extinguish mixed fire risk environments. We can use it for the protection of fire that occurs by liquids, storage of liquid gases, and heating oils used for industry, garages, and workshops. We can recognize a dry chemical fire extinguisher by its white band around the cylinder.

DCP fire extinguisher is essential for every kind of building and because of this reason we cannot deny the importance of DCP fire extinguishers. This kind of fire extinguisher can save the assets of the company from fire damages. They can provide rescue services without the assistance of the fire brigades or emergency service providers.

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