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  • It is a fully IP-based public address system, therefore it is secured
  • The voice public address system uses power very effectively
  • Bosch public address system can work constantly and ensures maximum security
  • It incorporates the userโ€™s feedback
  • Bosch public address system is designed according to the set standards for the safety systems

Bosch public address system is worth installing for effective addressing to the people. Bosch public address system is fully IP addressed. There are different components that complete the whole system. The function of a public address system is to convey messages to huge audiences, through announcements, especially in any emergency situation.

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    The Fire Safety Trading (PVT) Ltd imports the Bosch public address system from the UK to ensure the use of a quality public address system in Pakistan. We are trustworthy providers of the Bosch public address system .

    There are many parts of the Bosch public address system which work together.

    The system controller:

    We can consider it the main part of the Bosch public address system . The system controller put the sound in route to amplifiers, which can then be reached to the audience.

    BOSCH Call Station:

    Bosch public address system Call Station
    Bosch public address system Call Station

    Bosch voice alarm call stations are used for making announcements. Bosch voice alarm call station is rectangular in shape and has different zones on it for controlling the different floors.

    We can control 2 or 3 floors with one zone and the rest of the floors can be controlled with the other zones. If one call station board is not enough for covering all the floors of a building, then we can use some additional keypads for covering all the floors by increasing the zones of the call station.

    For making an announcement in one zone press the key in front of that zone, the light will turn on indicating that the particular zone has been selected. Now press the “push to talk” button and made the announcement.

    There is a key with which all the zones are selected at a time, to make the same announcement in all the zones.

    Remember that holding the “push to talk” button, is necessary while the announcement, otherwise the announcement will not be heard by the public.

    There is a mic on the Bosch call station with which the announcements are made, the mic is rotatable for adjusting its position.

    BOSCH Amplifier:

    BOSCH Amplifier
    BOSCH Amplifier

    Amplifiers are basically used to boost up the sounds so that the sounds can be heard in larger areas.

    Bosch amplifier comes in 4 channels or 8 channel versions. 600 watts of power is supplied by the amplifier. For different zones, the specifically required power supply can be chosen.

    BOSCH ceiling mounted speakers:


    BOSCH ceiling mounted speakers
    BOSCH ceiling mounted speakers

    Bosch ceiling-mounted speakers are very appealing to the eyes. They are mounted in the ceiling i.e. on the top of the rooms.

    Ceiling mounted speakers are white in color and we know that most ceilings are also white in color therefore when they are mounted in the ceiling they look a part of the ceiling and do not give a prominent look but perform their function efficiently.

    The components of the Bosch ceiling-mounted speakers mainly include a connector that gets power supply from the main and then provides it to the transformer.

    Usually, 100 volts power supply is required for the function of Bosch ceiling-mounted speakers.

    The transformer can provide the multi-input of different voltages, we can choose our desired voltage for the efficient performance of the speaker.

    There is an earthing wire in the connectors which is used to overcome the leakage of power and prevent losses.

    BOSCH wall-mounted speakers:

    BOSCH wall-mounted speakers
    BOSCH wall-mounted speakers

    The other category of loudspeakers is Bosch wall-mounted speakers. Wall-mounted speakers are normally bigger in size than ceiling-mounted speakers.

    Bosch Wall mounted speakers have their own specifications which make them unique in their function. Bosch presents a large variety of speakers which are elegantly designed. They look aesthetic and give a magnified volume.

    There are certain benefits of using Bosch wall mounted speakers:

    1- The sound spreads in the whole space because the speakers are installed at a height.

    2- Bosch wall mounted speakers save space and they can be easily used in small spaces.

    3- Mounting the speakers on the walls ensures their protection against hits, which increases their life.

    So, you can choose the elegant designs of Bosch wall mounted speakers according to your choice and requirements.


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    Our company the fire safety PVT ltd, has gained its trust by the customers for providing high-quality products. We provide Bosch public address system to the customers, imported from the UK. We are the best suppliers of Bosch public address system. Contact us

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