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  • Material: Chemical-resistant fabric
  • Protection: Chemical splashes, liquids, particulates
  • Hood: Integrated for head protection
  • Cuffs & Ankles: Elasticized for secure fit
  • Closure: Zipper or secure closure system
  • Breathability: Comfortable use
  • Disposal: Disposable after use
  • Application: Chemical handling, cleanup, industrial use


Welcome to Fire Safety Trading, your trusted source for essential safety gear. Explore our inventory, including the Tychem-C Disposable Chemical Suit – a frontline defense against chemical hazards. Prioritizing your safety and affordability, this suit is available at a competitive price in Pakistan. Choose Tychem-C Disposable Chemical Suit from Fire Safety Trading today for reliable, cost-effective protection. Your safety is our priority, without compromising your budget.


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