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Toecap Composite Cap
Midsole  Puncture resistant SJ Flex
Lining Cambrella
Insole Latex
Upper Leather
Standards ASTM 2413
Standards S3


Safety Jogger” is a brand that specializes in manufacturing safety footwear. The “X1110 S3” could potentially be a model number for one of their safety shoe or boot designs. The “S3” designation typically refers to a specific level of safety certification for protective footwear, indicating that the shoes or boots have specific features such as:

  1. Steel Toe Cap: Provides protection for the toes against impact from heavy objects.
  2. Closed Heel Area: Protects the heel and prevents it from being exposed.
  3. Antistatic Properties: Helps prevent static electricity buildup and discharge.
  4. Energy Absorption: Provides shock absorption in the heel area.
  5. Water Resistance: Offers resistance to water penetration.

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