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Fire Blanket Specification

  • Product name: Fire Blanket
  • Application : Fire Fighting Emergency Rescue
  • Packing : 1pc/soft Bag
  • Feature: : High Temperature Resistance
  • Weight : 430g/m2
  • Material : 100% Fiberglass
  • Thickness : 0.43mm
  • Temperature resistant : 550 Celsius
  • Color : White
  • Color : 550℃
  • Usage : kitchen, gas station, hotel, caravan, laboratory, clothing fire
  • Function : Firefighting and extinguishing

What is the Fire Blanket firefighter blanket

The fire blanket is a specially treated fiberglass fabric that is very soft and smooth and does not irritate the skin. It uses fiberglass thread to stitch folds and fireproof ribbons. Therefore, these processes ensure the entire fire performance.

At the beginning of the fire, it can be used to isolate the fire from oxygen, thereby controlling the fire. The fire blanket is easy to carry and store and simple to use. Its also called emergency fire blanket , fire protection blanket , and fire extinguishing. Suitable for kitchens, hotels, garages, gas stations, laboratories, barbecues, etc.

 Fire Blanket Use Instruction


  1. Fix or place the fire-extinguishing blanket on a conspicuous wall or drawer that can be quickly accessed.
  2. When a fire occurs, quickly take out the fire blanket and hold two black pull straps with both hands.
  3. Gently shake off the fire blanket and hold it in your hand as a shield.
  4. Continuously cover the fire blanket with fire objects, and take active fire extinguishing measures until the fire objects are completely extinguished.
  5. After the fire is extinguished and the fire blanket is cooled, the fire blanket can be removed.
  6. If the person is on fire, shake the blanket away, completely wrap the person on fire to extinguish the fire source, and quickly call emergency 120.
  7. Since the glass fiber cloth will itch on the skin, it is recommended to use gloves.

Types of Fire Blankets

Fire blanket is a safety device which is used to extinguish fire at a small scale. The fire blanket is laid over the fire and it cuts off the supply of oxygen to the fire thus extinguishing it.
There are two types of fire blankets:
1- Light duty fire blanket:Light duty fire blanket is used to extinguish the small fires, like caught by cooking oil containers or the clothes worn by the people.
2- Heavy duty fire blanket:Heavy duty fire blanket is used in industrial areas, since the heat produced by cutting and welding in industrial areas is may result in severe fires to control those fires heavy duty fire blanket is used. It can also be used in place of light duty fire blanket.

fire blanket
fire blanket

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