Fire Fighting Equipment list That are available in 2022

Fire Fighting Equipment list That are available in 2022

Fire fighting equipment list
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Fire Fighting Equipment:

Fire fighting equipment is used fight with the fire i.e we can use fire fighting equipment to extinguish the fire. As we know that fire can be very dangerous if it spreads on a large scale. So, it is important to know details about the fire fighting equipment, which will help you in coping up with the fire incidents and save people and surroundings.

It is also important to know that what is fire? Another thing is that fire is classified into the different classes, so there is also a need to know that, what are the classes of fire?. the reason why we should be familiar with these things is, firefighting equipment is designed in a very specific way. Different firefighting equipment is suitable for different classes of fire.

Fire Fighting Equipment list

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Smoke detector
  • Heat Detector
  • Fire Hydrant System
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Fire doors
  • Emergency and Safety Sign
  • Fire First Aid Kits
  • Fire Hoses
  • Fire Buckets
  • Fire and Welding Blankets
  • Flamezorb
  • Sprinklers
  • Fire Suit
  • Fire Fighting Vehicle
  • Fire Cabinet
  • Fire Ball
  • Fire Pump
  • Firefighter gloves

Fire fighting equipment Details 

1) Fire extinguishers:

Fire extinguishers are the most common fire fighting equipment. We can see the fire extinguishers installed in almost all kinds of buildings like homes, schools, hospitals and offices. Types of fire extinguishers are manufactured to actively extinguish fire of different classes. There are the following types of fire extinguishers:

CO2 fire extinguisher.

Foam type fire extinguisher.

Halotron fire extinguisher.

Dry powder fire extinguisher.

Water-type fire extinguisher, which is further divided into the following classes:

Water mist.

Water spray.

Water jet.

2) Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system  warns people when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or other fire-related emergencies are detected. There can also be speaker strobes that sound an alarm, followed by a voice evacuation message which warns people inside the building not to use the elevators.more

3) Smoke Detector

A smoke detector is an electronic fire-protection device that automatically senses the presence of smoke, as a key indication of fire, and sounds a warning

4) Heat Detector

A heat detector is a device that can sense heat in a room. Its purpose is to alert homeowners and business owners that there is a fire before the fire becomes

5) Fire hydrant System

The fire hydrant is a very useful device for fire fighting and extinguishing the fire immediately. It is a connection that is connected to the water supply source and when a fire outbreaks the firefighter can easily get the water by opening this connection.

The fire hydrant system is usually red in color which makes them prominent. The whole system which contains pillars and pipes is designed in red color.The Fire hydrant system can supply water with extremely high pressure. High pressured water is able to extinguish the fire in very little time.more

Firefighting valves:


Firefighting valves are used to control the flow of the water from the pipes. By using these valves we can get water when we want and we can stop getting water when we are finished with using it. In this way, the water or the other fire retardants will not be wasted.

Zone control valve

Zone control valve is used to divide the the large areas of buildings into smaller ones. Zone control valve convenient to control the fire. It is used along with the butterfly valve. Flow switch, pressure gauge and test and drain valves.

lockshield valve

There are many valves present on the radiators, lockshield valve is one of them. Lockshield valves regulate the flow of the water in the radiators.

When the radiators took too long to get warm up, the lockshield valves are used to supply water to them, for boosting the process of warm up. Different parts of radiators can be controlled individually with the help of these valves. Lockshield has plastic cap on them.

6) Fire suppression system

A fire suppression system is necessary for keeping at home, offices, schools, hospitals, industries, and other areas for safety reasons.There are a lot of valuable documents and equipment in the buildings and the most valuable thing is human life. If the fire outbreaks, it can lead to extreme damage and losses.

Fire suppression systems aid in controlling the fire and preventing damage. Therefore, installing the fire suppression systems is mandatory, because if losses once happen they cannot be recovered. more

7) Fire doors

A fire door is a door with a fire-resistance rating (sometimes referred to as a fire protection rating for closures) used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure and to enable safe egress from a building or structure or ship more

8) Emergency and Safety Sign

Safety signs play an essential role in a workplace to alert employees against potential hazards, provide directions, stop them from doing something or to let them know the right way to do things.more

9) Fite safety first aid kit :

Safety first kit must be equipped with all the necessary things that are required to apply on a burnt area of a person. It must contain an antibiotic ointment, non-adhesive gauze bandage, scissorsrs and the pain reliever.

10) Fire Hoses:

In the above section, we have had a thorough discussion about fire hoses. They are long pipes that conduct water from the water source to the fire scene to extinguish the fire. there are divided into suction hoses and delivery hoses, according to their function.more

11) Fire Buckets

Fire buckets are a traditional and effective way to stop a fire in its tracks. Designated buckets are filled with water, sand or absorbent material and then dumped on the fire in order to smother it.

12)Fire  Blankets

A fire blanket is a blanket-like object. it is the best firefighting equipment for homes. When we lay a fire blanket on fire, it cuts off the supply of oxygen from the atmosphere and extinguishes the fire. keep a fire blanket at home as a safety precaution. Remember, once you use a fire blanket it cannot be reused so buy another fire blanket after using it.more

13) Flamezorb

Flamezorb Spill Absorbent is highly effective in smothering flames and preventing the spread of fire. Superior to sand, Flamezorb is ideal for liquid spills

14) Fire sprinklers:

Fire sprinklers is a necessary firefighting equipment that should be kept in the buildings for the safety purposes.  Firefighter sprinklers are very efficient in extinguishing the fire, moreover they are easy to use after their installation. Fire sprinklers have a temperature sensitivity their sensors are temperature that is beyond their fixed limits, sprinklers automatically start functioning.

Fire sprinklers are connected with a water source through a complete system. Fire sprinkler systems can cover the whole building and save it, the people and important assets in it. There are different ranges of the temperature of fire sprinklers.

The fire sprinklers are divided into different categories depending upon their temperature sensitivity. When the fire sprinklers senses high temperature the seal of the sprinkler heads break, and the water start showering on the fire to distinguish it.

Foam sprinkler nozzle

Foam sprinkler nozzle is used to throw foam on the on fire.Foam is a fire retardant. Foam produces a cooling effect does extinguishing the fire. By using foam sprinkler, we can throw streams of the foam on the fire. In this way, the foam will be thrown more effectively.

Fog nozzle firefighting:

Another fire fighting equipment is fog nozzle firefighting. The nozzle when attached at the end of the fire hose, makes a stream of the water and in this way, it can be used effectively for extinguishing the fire.

15) Fire Suit / fire protection gear:

Firefighter gear is among the fire fighting equipment. It is a kit containing various things like boots, jackets, face masks etc. Firefighter gear is used to protect the firefighters during the fire scene. Safety of the firefighters is necessary therefore firefighting gear is designed in such a way that it can provide protection to all body parts of the firefighters.

Wildland firefighter gear:

The wildland firefighters face more challenging situations, consequently, special firefighting equipment is designed for them. The wildlife firefighting gear is designed to meet the needs of a wildlife firefighter. It consists of the following things:

  • Boots:In wild areas, a firefighter has to move on a rough surface and harsh weather conditions. In such conditions, the boots should be really comfortable and durable. If there are no quality boots then there is a higher risk of feet injury and foot burn.
  • Wildlife gloves:Firefighters use their hands to remove objects for clearing their way. Additionally, their hands get in touch with extremely hot objects. So, there is a higher risk of hand burning of firefighters. Gloves are designed to save their hands from cuts and burns. Make sure to buy wildlife gloves that protect your wrists too and gloves should be comfortable to ensure mobility.
  • Fire helmets:In wildfires, there is a lot of risk of falling objects like trees etc. The head injuries are more obvious head is a very sensitive part of the human body, and it also controls the functioning of the whole body. Fire helmets or hard hats are compulsory firefighting safety equipment for wildfire firefighters. It protects the head from injuries.Helmet with earmuff:Helmet with earmuffs is a combination of two fire safety equipment, helmet and the earmuffs. Firefighter has to face the challenge of falling objects as well as the loud noises, therefore helmet with earmuffs is designed to provide protection against both these challenges.

The other firefighting equipment among the wildland firefighting gear is a fire shelter, headlamp, first aid kit, earplug, sleeping bag, drip torch, flashlight, inflatable sleeping pad, parachute cord, and eye protection.

16) Fire Fighting Vehicle

The vehicles which are designed for firefighting are called fire fighting apparatus. These vehicles are designed differently according to the cases in which they will be used. Firefighting apparatus can give firefighting services as well as the emergency medical services.

Foam monitors:


Foam monitors are fire fighting equipment. They are units that discharge foams. They are permanently-installed units. Normally, they are fixed on a rotating base, due to this reason, they can throw foam at higher distances.

The angle of throwing foam is adjustable. A hard pipe is used to supply foam to the monitor. The 360 degrees rotation allows the foam to project in all directions.

17) Fire Cabinet:

The pipes that carry water from one place to another is called hose. These pipes are flexible. These pipes carry water from the water source to the place where a fire is aroused.

18) Fire Extinguisher ball

Fire extinguisher ball is a fire fighting equipment which is operated automatically. When we throw a fire extinguisher ball on the fire, the thread inside the ball catches fire and help the bomb to blast. When the bomb blast, the ABC dry chemical powder inside the ball spreads on the fire and extinguishes it.

The ABC dry chemical powder is filled in the fire extinguisher ball, as an agent for extinguishing the fire which is not harmful for the human beings. Fire extinguisher ball is a self-activated fire fighting device, we just have to throw it on the fire, after which it gets activated and extinguishes the fire.more

19) Firefighting pumps:

The firefighting pumps are the source of carrying water from the water tanks to the pipes. The centrifugal pumps are used for this purpose. Centrifugal pumps perform excellently. The capacity of the firefighting pumps depends upon the building. There are three types of fire fighting equipment:

  1. Main pump:It is an electrical pump. The minimum capacity of the main pump should be 2280 lpm (liter per minute), according to the NBC. It turns on automatically but needs to be turned off manually.
  2. Diesel pump:The engine of diesel pumps runs with the help of diesel. Its capacity is also the same as the main pump i.e 2280 lpm. It is 1800mm long. It also starts automatically but turns off manually. The benefit of the diesel pump over the other fire pumps is that it does not stop working even if the electricity supply breakdowns.
  3. Jockey pump:It is also fully automatic operated and electrically driven. It maintains the pressure of water in the pipes. Its minimum capacity is 180 lpm.
  4. Sprinkler pump:It is also electrically driven.
  5. Backup pump:It is a diesel-driven fire pump. It turns on automatically and turns off manually.

Portable fire pumps:

As the name indicates this tool is portable which means it can easily be carried from one place to another. It is another important thing among the firefighting equipment.

The portable firefighting pump is used to pump water from a source of water, which can then be used for extinguishing the fire. the tool is really effective for the firefighters therefore it must be convenient to use. The tool should be durable as well. It should deliver proper pressure and give a proper flow of water.

20) Firefighter gloves:

Hands are the main organs that are directly involved in dealing with fire fighting equipment. Hence, it is extremely important to save your hands.

Firefighter gloves are designed for hands to save them from extreme heat, sharp surfaces and dust particles. Firefighters have to touch several surfaces with their hands therefore it is necessary for them to wear firefighter gloves.


Forest fire fighting equipment:

Fire fighting equipment has an important role for forest firefighting. Forest fire can spread in seconds. Therefore, forest firefighters must be properly trained and equipped.

There is a huge risk of falling objects in the forest fire, so from helmets to boots forest fire fighter must be equipped properly.


Four types of fire extinguisher are foam-type fire extinguisher, dry powder fire extinguisher, CO2 fire extinguisher, and Halotron fire extinguisher.

Three A's of fire fighting are:
2- Assist.
3- Attempt.

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