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  • It is an IP-based public address system
  • It has a good sound quality.
  • DSPPA public address system can cover a large distance for transmission
  • It is also free from the problem of lack of interaction
  • it can be applied everywhere like shopping malls, hospitals, offices etc.

DSPPA public address system is used to broadcast the audio and video to the greater audience. Basically, a public address system is invented for informing the public about different situations like a fire hazard for general information. In this way, people become alert and do things as directed.

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    We are the best providers of the DSPPA public address system in Pakistan. We are well known company the Fire Safety Trading (PVT) ltd. We not only provide the DSPPA public address system but also the services of installing it, All over the cities of Pakistan.

    The building can easily be divided into groups by using the special feature of the DSPPA public address system. All parts can be covered by using the different zones of the DSPPA public address system.

    There is an amazing feature of the DSPPA public address system that we can announce different things in different zones simultaneously. For example, you can play music in one zone of the shopping mall and you can announce anything in the other zone.

    The components of DSPPA public address systems include:

    PC control software:

    It controls the whole DSPPA public address system.

    IP intercom terminals:

    It can cover a wide range of 10 meters to 100 meters for announcements. It has built-in fidelity. The range of its processing circuit is very high. DSPPA sound processing circuit also performs very well. You can use the intercom system for real-time announcements as well as for recordings. It can also be linked with fire alarm systems.

    It has a 17 inches LED display. We can also use an SD card in it. It is easy to install and operate.

    DSPPA Amplifier:

    DSPPA public address system
    DSPPA public address system

    DSPPA amplifier has high power. It has 2000W rack mount design. The rated Power of the DSPPA amplifier is 2000 watts. The amplifier can be used in both commercial and industrial public address systems.

    There are different channels of DSPPA amplifiers. Channel supports both balanced and unbalanced inputs. The balanced output provides power to another power amplifier. It also helps in covering long distances and provides clear voices during announcements.

    The speakers with 70 V, 100V, and 4 ohms are most suitable for connecting with the DSPPA amplifiers. The volume can be controlled with the master volume control. The complete protection of DSPPA amplifiers includes clip, short circuit, high temperatures, and overload. It is also an indication for different things like power, signal, clip, protection, and temperature.

    DSPPA amplifier has an LCD display. It indicates the status very clearly. It has an XLR socket and 6.33 mm jack for connecting an additional mixer. It also has protection and alarm for output short circuits. DSPPA amplifier can be controlled with a remote. There is a warning for everything like a short circuit, overload, overheating etc, for saving any hazard to happen.

    DSPPA wall mounted speakers:

    DSPPA wall mounted speakers
    DSPPA Wall Mounted Speakers

    It is popular because of its easy installation. DSPPA wall mounted speakers produce a very high quality and excellent audio. DSPPA has a particular series of wall mounted speakers. DSPPA wall mounted speakers have wonderful features. They have amazing sound effects and are very reliable.

    DSPPA wall mounted speakers are made up of stainless and durable material. The high pitch unit of the DSPPA wall mounted speakers are 1 inch and the low pitch drivers are 4, 5, 6.5, and 8 inches. There are different series of wall mounted speakers with a beautiful look. Every new series of DSPPA wall mounted speakers is improved and innovated than the previous one. You can choose from a wide variety of DSPPA wall mounted speakers according to your choice and your space availability.

    DSPPA wall mounted speakers save space and can be easily installed in small rooms. They can be installed at a specific point where the sounds are maximum required, moreover the voice spreads because of the installed angle.

    DSPPA wall mounted speakers become safe when they are mounted on the walls because after mounting on walls the speakers become safe from the hits and other damages.


    DSPPA ceiling mounted speakers:

    DSPPA ceiling mounted speakers
    DSPPA Ceiling Mounted Speakers

    DSPPA has a broad and complete variety of DSPPA ceiling mounted speakers. There are different series of DSPPA ceiling mounted speakers like surface mount ceiling speaker, flush Mount ceiling speaker, Low impedance ceiling speaker, ceiling speaker, and active ceiling speaker.

    All these series have different features, some have fire domes and others do not have fire domes. Some of the fire domed speakers have units of different sizes like 3, 4.5, 5, 6.5, and 8 inches. Some DSPPA ceiling mounted speakers have a high pitch driver unit of 1 inch.

    DSPPA ceiling mounted speakers have different varieties and designs that look very fascinating and fashionable. Ceiling mounted speakers can be easily installed in the ceiling to complete a public alarm system.

    Fire Safety Trading (Pvt) Ltd :


    The fire safety company imported DSPPA public alarm system from China and provide it to the consumers in Pakistan. If you are finding the best shop for DSPPA public address system near me you should contact our company the fire safety Pvt Ltd.

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