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Gent S4-711 Dual Optical Heat Detector

The S4-711 is specifically designed to be used with the Gent Vigilon range of Analogue Addressable Control Panels.ย  This detector is a Dual Optical Type Analogue Addressable Smoke Detector combined with a Heat Detection Element.ย  This product requires a Gent S4-700 base for mounting.

A truly intelligent analogue sensor combining local processing in the sensor and the panel to achieve an immediate response to real fires whilst minimising the risk of false alarms.

Key Features

  • Complete range of sensors with combinations of advanced sensing technologies including heat, dual angle optical scatter and carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Combined sensing of carbon monoxide with dual angle optical scatter and heat allows a higher level of false alarm immunity in presence of steam and while still maintaining the integrity of detecting fires
  • Each sensor has certified sensitivity settings that suit certain environments/applications and may be programmed for different times of the day if required
  • Short circuit Isolator in each device
  • Configurable input/output connection for remote indicator or supervisory input fully synchronised sound patterns via the control panel
  • Sensor sounders have adjustable sound level and tones to match system sounders
  • Sounder element monitoring and over-load protection to ensure operation even in event of cable fault
  • Sound output synchronised and compatible with S-Quad range of EN54-23 VADs

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