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What Is Fire Sprinkler System?


Fire Sprinkler system is paramount in extinguishing flames rapidly. Fire sprinklers automatically discharge water from the ceiling when a fire is detected resulting in reducing hazardous situations. We Fire Safety Trading (PVT) Ltd provides you protection through our effective Fire Sprinkler Systems that might come in handy saving lives and property.

In the beginning, they were purely in commercial use but nowadays they have become mandatory in residential accommodations as well. Reducing deaths and property loss by 65%, sprinkler systems are indeed the biggest breakthrough in fire protection. more

Fire Sprinklers System In Pakistan
Fire Sprinklers System In Pakistan

Listed below are the reasons you need Sprinkler Systems in your life.


How does a Fire Sprinkler System work?


There are different components of a fire sprinkler system, which perform their respective functions. All these components efficiently work together for extinguishing the fire.There is a glass bulb inside the sprinkler head, the bulb contains a liquid in it which when senses that rise in temperature, expands.

When the liquid expands after sensing the rise in temperature, the seal of the sprinkler heads removes automatically, allowing the water to spread through the nozzles of the sprinkler head. This is the way how does the fire sprinklers work for extinguishing the fire.

Advantages Of  Sprinkler System


  • Sprinkler System responds quickly.
  • The sprinkler system easily extinguishes fires.
  • They provide time to evacuate the premises.
  • Sprinkler minimizes damage.
  • They reduce excess water loss.
  • Occupants/Fire Fighters are exposed to less danger.



Types of Sprinkler System

  • Wet pipe fire sprinkler system
  • Dry pipe fire sprinkler system
  • Pre-action fire sprinkler system
  • Deluge fire sprinkler system


  (1) Wet pipe fire sprinkler system

  • These are the most common type of fire sprinkler system
  • The activation process is simple
  • Breakage occurs at high temperatures to release the water.
  • Used in schools and office buildings


  (2) Dry pipe fire sprinkler system

  • These possess pressurized air or nitrogen
  • At high temperatures the air pressure inside drops
  • Hence the valve the forced to open releasing the water.
  • Used in garages, and unheated warehouses.


(3) Pre-action fire sprinkler system

  • These possess pressurized air or nitrogen
  • A signal is sent to the valve on detection of fire
  • Then fire sprinkler opens to release water
  • Used in libraries, server rooms, data farms, and museums.


(4) Deluge fire sprinkler system

  • These can discharge water at once
  • Its head always remain open and activated
  • Fastest of all fire sprinkler systems
  • Used in industrial plants, manufacturing companies, and aircraft hangers

The sprinkler head and types of sprinkler heads:

The sprinkler head is an important part of fire sprinkler systems. It throws water on the fire. There are different types of sprinkler heads depending upon the way they throw water on the fire. Those types mention below:

Pendent fire sprinkler head:

The pendent fire sprinkler head is hung downwards from the ceiling. It throws water in a circular shape. There is a deflector that held the position of water in a cone shape.

Upright fire sprinkler head:

Upright fire sprinkler heads pointed upwards to the ceiling. Its deflector sprays the water in a hemisphere shape.

Sidewall fire sprinkler head:

Sidewall fire sprinkler head I installed in the wall. It is installed along or under the beam. Its deflector throws the water in a semi-circular shape.

Concealed fire sprinkler head:

The concealed fire sprinkler head is blended into the ceiling with the help of a cover plate. When the high temperature is sensed, the cover plate is removed and the sprinkler system gets activated.

Importance of fire sprinkler system:

Fire can damage precious assets, buildings, and human lives. Different types of fire sprinklers are useful in different situations and places. The fire sprinklers can control the fire from a small range to a higher range therefore installing the fire sprinklers can save us from the damage.

Installation of a fire sprinkler system:

Installation of a fire sprinkler system requires are complete technical knowledge. It is not an easy process and only experts can perform this job.

Fire Safety PVT Ltd:

Fire safety Trading Pvt Ltd is concerned about providing high-quality firefighting equipment which contains the fire sprinkler systems as well. If you are looking for the best shop near me for fire systems fire safety Trading Pvt Ltd is ready to serve you, all the time. We import fire fighting equipment from famous brands. We not only provide high-quality fire sprinkler systems but also the services for their installation and maintenance.

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