The fire audit or fire safety audit is a system in which a building, facility, or area is comprehensively evaluated to check whether the safety regulations comply with the fire safety needs. There is a team of experts to conduct the fire safety audit, including fire safety professionals, and fire safety consultants, who are experts in fire safety management and regulations.

ย There are some goals to getting a fire safety audit such as:

1- The expected fire hazards that can be happened potentially.

2- To assess how effective the safety precautions and systems are in place.

3- Lastly, after the fire audit the recommendations are given for improved and enhanced fire safety for an area.

Hence, in an audit, it is ensured that all the required safety precautions regarding fire safety are in place, for a particular premises. All the safety measures should be according to the set standards.

ย What is examined during a fire safety audit?


Some aspects are keenly observed and examined during a fire audit those are mentioned below:

1- The systems and equipment for fire safety:

There are certain systems and equipment that aid in extinguishing the fire like, fire alarm systems, fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, fire doors, etc. In a fire audit, all this equipment is checked that whether it is working properly, whether is it enough for the building, and whether its maintenance is also examined.

2- Emergency escape routes:

The emergency escape routes play a vital role in saving the occupants of a building from a fire. Such routes should be readily available, suitable, and accessible for an emergency escape. All these exits are inspected in the fire audit.

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    3- Checking the fire doors:

    The fired doors and the fire compartmentations are also checked. They should be in a functioning condition as it will ensure the prevention of fire to spread in the building.

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    4- Emergency lighting:

    As in the fire outbreak everything becomes unclear due to the smoke, in such case a flash of proper lighting is required to escape the fire conditions. Audit ensures checking the availability of lights to illuminate the signs and indications for the exit.

    5- Fire safety training for the staff:

    Responding correctly during a fire hazard is necessary for the employees and the occupants of a building. The staff’s training is checked to ensure that they are ready to face any emergency. Proper training will result in maximum safety.

    6- Handling of the harmful materials and storage:

    It is important to check how safely the harmful material is stored in safe places. The spills may cause huge damage in a fire scenario. So, proper storage of the hazardous material is necessary.

    7- Fire safety management:

    Make documents about fire safety management and plans. Keep the maintenance records and the schedules for testing. Future schedules are also designed for effectiveness.

    8- Vulnerable occupants:


    The elderly the persons with disabilities and the children are vulnerable occupants. In an audit, the special safety needs of such people are considered.

    Keeping all the above-mentioned considerations in mind and after collecting the data, a detailed report is issued. The report contains the following things:

    1- The areas in which the safety needs are not complied.

    2- All the suggestions are recommended to improve and enhance the fire safety measures of a building.

    Special suggestions for the found out deficiencies, as it is most important to help fulfill those. The fire safety inspectors are fully knowledgeable to conduct the audit. The professionals have a checklist during an audit that includes:

    1- Checking the fire exits and escape routes.

    2- Checking the fire alarms. Checking the fire alarms

    3- Checking the fire suppression systems.

    4- Checking the fire doors and fire-rated walls.

    5- The safety of electrical panels and boards.

    6- The proper storage of the combustible materials.

    7- Providing all the necessary training and drills.

    8- Checking the fire safety plans and records.

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