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  • Hose pipe daimeter: 19mm / 25mm
  • Hose pipe length: 15m, 20m, 25m or 30m
  • Disc size: 550mm*1.0mm
  • Water way: manual, aluminum
  • Nozzle : PVC nozzle Inlet Valve: 1" brass gate valve with plastic connector
  • Rated Working Pressure: 1.2Mpa
  • Flow Rate: ๏ผž๏ผ30L/min
  • Jet Distance: 11-12m
  • Size:19mm, 30m


It is an essential part of firefighting equipment. A fire hose reel is installed in the building that allows the occupants of the building to combat the fire risk. A Fire Hose Reel is a cylindrical spindle that is made from plastic, metal, or fibreglass. A hose reel brings water or foam for extinguishing the fire. A fire hose provides an immediate supply of pressurized water or other extinguishing agents that helps in combating the fire quickly. The fire hose reel is the best quick response option to combat fire in its initial stage.

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