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Product Model: VIG-NC-SMF

Module Type: Video Integration Gateway – Network-Centric with Smart Monitoring




Comprehensive Video Integration: The VIG-NC-SMF module excels at integrating video feeds from diverse sources into a unified platform, providing a holistic view of monitored environments.

Network-Centric Design: Designed with network-centric architecture, this module seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure, simplifying deployment and management.

Smart Monitoring Features: Experience advanced smart monitoring capabilities, including video analytics, motion detection, object tracking, and facial recognition for enhanced situational awareness.

Real-time Alerting: The module offers real-time alerting and notifications based on defined triggers, enabling swift response to critical events and incidents.

Scalable Architecture: The VIG-NC-SMF supports scalability, allowing for the addition of multiple modules to create a network of synchronized video integration gateways.

Secure Data Handling: Built-in encryption and secure communication protocols ensure the protection of video data throughout transmission and storage.

Centralized Management: Manage and configure multiple VIG-NC-SMF modules centrally, streamlining updates, settings, and monitoring across various locations.

Versatile Connectivity: The module supports wired and wireless connectivity options, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks, ensuring flexibility in deployment.


  • Dimensions: 120mm x 80mm x 25mm
  • Video Inputs: Multiple video inputs, including IP cameras, RTSP streams, and local sources
  • Video Analytics: Motion detection, object tracking, facial recognition
  • Power Consumption: Optimized for efficient operation
  • Connectivity: Ethernet (RJ45), Wi-Fi (802.11ac), Cellular (5G)
  • Operating Temperature: -20ยฐC to 70ยฐC
  • Storage: Onboard storage with SSD options for local video retention
  • Remote Management: Web-based dashboard, API for integration with management systems


  • Surveillance and Security Systems
  • Smart City Monitoring
  • Industrial Process Optimization
  • Retail Analytics and Customer Insights
  • Traffic Management and Analysis
  • Campus and Facility Monitoring

The VIG-NC-SMF Video Integration Gateway – Network-Centric with Smart Monitoring Features module is a powerful tool for creating a unified video surveillance and monitoring solution. Its advanced smart monitoring capabilities, network-centric design, and secure data handling make it an essential component for organizations seeking to enhance their situational awareness and response capabilities.

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