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Electrical Thermography Test is conducted for quick and easy detection of overheating areas, loose connections, or any other issue that may result in damaging the equipment and making it out of order.

What is an electrical thermography test?


In electrical thermography tests infrared thermal imaging is used for detecting and measuring temperature variations in an object.

How does an Electrical thermography test work?


Electrical thermography detects the Infrared radiation that an object emits due to its temperature. The detected infrared radiations are then converted to a visible image by the thermographic camera. That image highlights the temperature variations. In this way, the hotter points are indicated. The excessive heat may be an indication of a severe issue later on.

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Why electrical thermographic test is useful in electrical inspection?


The electrical thermographic test has a great impact on inspecting electrical equipment. There are a lot of issues that are not visible to the human eye for their detection some specific tests are required. For instance, the resistance can be increased due to the loose connection or poor insulation, as a result, excessive heat can be produced which is definitely invisible to the human eye. The ones who are detecting the electrical equipment and circuits can have a quick and accurate identification of overheated points. This detection will help prevent further damage or even equipment failure.

You can use the electrical thermographic test for the purpose of regular maintenance and to monitor the electrical systems, apart from detecting potential issues.ย  Thermography is helpful in the regular inspection of the electrical equipment by observing the trends and patterns, the fluctuating patterns are an indication of an expected problem. The inspectors can identify the problems, take safety measures, and fix the existing faults. As a result, there are minimum chances of electrical equipment failure and greater chances of increased lifespan.

How the electrical thermographic test is used?


The temperature variation of an electrical component is measurable with the help of thermography, in the electrical inspection. Switches, breakers, transformers, and motors, all the equipment can be inspected. The inspectors come to know about the overheating points and fix the issues accordingly. Thermography is not only limited to such equipment, rather it is also used to inspect the cabinets and panels. As these systems are highly packed together and it is difficult to inspect them without any particular tool, in such conditions, thermography is the best tool for their inspection. It ensures thorough and complete inspection, resulting in accurate identification of hot spots.

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Another use of thermography is the inspection of electrical systems during installation or retrofitting. The inspectors inspect the systems, before providing them energy so that any potential issue can be detected before the system comes into operation. It ensures the prevention of expensive repairs in the future.

How an electrical thermographic test can be performed?


A special training and equipment are required to perform the electrical thermographic test. The thermographic camera takes pictures of the electrical system that is getting through inspection. A deep analysis of these pictures helps in detecting the hot spots and the other problems.

Do not neglect the special conditions that are required to perform the electrical thermographic test. Providing such conditions will produce accurate results. It requires the electrical system to be operational under normal load and should be fully energized. Avoid the inspection under the exposure of sunlight or any other heat source. Allow minimum air movement. Make the environment stable by providing such conditions.

During thermographic inspection, keenly inspect all the parts and components, and do not leave anything behind. It includes switches, breakers, transformers, motors, cabinets, electrical cabinets, or any other component that is capable of producing heat.



The electrical thermographic test is a vital instrument to inspect the electrical systems either for the detection of already existing faults by observing the temperature variations to fix them, for the regular maintenance of electrical systems, or for rechecking of the systems.

ย It increases the lives of the electrical systems and increase their efficiency.

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