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  • 19107-52



The Gent 19107- 52 24V DC Replay with High Profile Enclosure is perfect to house operations involving switches and timekeepers. As well as being made of all-purpose polycarbonate, it is suitable for cranking class change or start work signals.


Key Features

  • Coil Voltage-24 Vdc
  • Coil Current โ€“ 50mA
  • Contact Standing 240Vac โ€“ 6A
  • Contact Standing 24Vdc โ€“ 5A
  • Profile โ€“ High
  • Max Capacity โ€“ 4 Mini Relays
  • doorway Protection โ€“ IP67
  • Operating Temp โ€“ Inner/ Outdoor 0 to 40 Degrees C


โ€œProtect your space with our fire fighting services โ€“ relaible and certified.โ€

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