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  • Weight : 1.3 KG
  • Shape :Sphere
  • Weight of the Agent :4.0g
  • Extinguishing agent :Dry Chemical Powder
  • Life span :5 years
  • Activation Time :3.5 seconds
  • Frequencey of alarm sound :120 dB
  • Coverage Area :8-10 m2


AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is an automatic fire extinguisher. It is the most developed item in the fire business to reduce the damages caused by fire disasters. AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball puts out the fire by itself, guarding lives and property. It is one of the simplest and quickest ways to knock out the fire. An AFO fire extinguisher ball is very reliable and durable. AFO fireball price is low compared to other fire extinguishers and it does not require any maintenance and servicing and save the maintenance cost of the end-user.

Fire Extinguisher Ball is lightweight and versatile which could smother the fire. When an AFO fire extinguisher ball is thrown over the fire. It will rapture automatically and extinguish the fire instantly. ABC dry chemical powder is used as an extinguishing agent in the AFO fire extinguisher ball. The chemical inside the fire extinguisher is not harmful to the environment and human life. It has a built-in fire alarm.

When it comes in contact with the flames it gives a loud voice as an alarm and burst in 3 to 5 seconds. It disperses chemical powder in 360 degrees and instantly triggers the fire. It can be installed in places that are prone to fire.

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